Posted: Jun 11 2016

As we witness the acceleration of the deterioration of our environment, social, political and economic structures, it is beneficial to understand the evolutionary influences that are driving this age. By so doing we can consciously implicate ourselves within the phenomenal opportunity for transmutation that is available during this phase of culmination. It is the transitional phase of conception and deterioration in any cycle which creates the powerful frictions that open the portals for transcendence. It is during the degenerative phase that the rotting fruit falls away and the new seed is expelled. The global crisis is not a dark event but a redistribution of natural power created by an immense influx of light.

This influx is being created by the maturing influences of a solar system that is itself reaching higher and higher states of cosmic comprehension, transmitting to Earth and its inhabitants ever new spectrums of radiance data – light. Massive beams of this ‘hyper-creation code’ are emanating from the Galactic Core to sweep their influence through the solar system, activating and integrating the symbiotic evolutionary covenants that lie dormant and waiting in every cell of every living creation for this kiss of light to awaken them to a new model of existence, a new paradigm.

It will be the degree to which we are able to translate and utilize this light code that will allow us to break the barriers of illusion set by this dualistic paradigm and the genetic modifications that are in resonance with it. It is because of this light influx that we are now able to answer the three most fundamental questions that define us as conscious Human entities: “Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here?”

In order to do so, we must have some ability to understand the implicate order of our own creation and, to some degree, the complexity of the reality in which we find ourselves. No living thing within creation exists in isolation. The interconnected, interactive, co-creative individual system of each entity is a fractal of the one holographic system that encompasses the subatomic to the multi-universal. Transcendence requires the resurrection of the dormant components within the Human hologram, to be re-embraced into the governing mechanism of the universal holography.

Juliet Carter,  The Template.

Image: Justin Totemical

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  1. Safaa Atassi says:

    Thank you! Namaste

  2. AbZu says:

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  3. Theresa Moorhead says:

    This information that you have shared to reconnect our electromagnetic energy via our bio-circuitry etc. is an enormous help to me and a gift to humanity! I am so honored to be part of this and am deeply moved of the love and beauty you have brought to this work! My sincere appreciate for everything you offer to all of us during such a crucial and difficult time on the planet which now has been become a transformational seed in my mind, heart body and soul. Sent with love to all of you….Theresa