We have booklets and meditations for you to download here. Just click the link and fill out your details to access the free download.

We will be adding more very soon, so check back for more content.

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33 Responses

  1. GlenGanaway says:

    I’m interested in learning more. As an ordained Interfaith Minister I believe I can join in your efforts for peace on this planet and all beings.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Glen,

      Included in the Original Innocence DVD pack are 2 informational CDs and a booklet illustrating the circuits and the geometry which will explain more about the Template model and process, which may be interesting to you.If you buy the DVD pack, please share the DVD with your community- and network the Vimeo link in any case! We also suggest you get the Worldbridger book- much is explained in there.

  2. Rita says:

    Thank you for your great contribution. I would like to beocme an ambassador

  3. TimOtree says:

    Jennifer as an emissary One has been Honored and Devoted to all our BioSignalling Source Revealed Vessels.
    As of NOW Facilitating Ambassador of Sacred Source Presents.
    The Template
    One Being ME has been a WorldBridger and Gaja Tantra of Earth Alchemy for many life’s this ONE being of Source Revealed Frequencies ONE.
    Jennifer THIS IS ME MY LIFE
    Let MY MASCULINE VOICE Represent the Sacred Masculine
    This Vessel of Gaja Tantra is at the Service of all or Awakening BioSignalling Community.

  4. Teri says:

    I have completed 4 Ceremonies this weekend with Karl in Western Australia.
    I am so excited and full of relief that I have found Template.I feel so connected and thank Juliet and Jiva for all the work they are doing.

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  6. Thanks again for all of the info!

  7. Chris Cauac says:


    I want to thank you for the beautiful gift you have produced in benefit of all beings.

    I am very dedicated to sound healing and utilizing music to heal and unify. In fact I have been producing music events, conferences and intentional healing events for over 25yrs. I watched the video this morning, I felt its
    impact. I appreciated the integration of the sacred geometry a lot as I have studied with Drunvalo and I use the merkaba field as my source of protection and shielding. I am very familiar with its potency and
    effectiveness. Fantastic articulation by the way.

    My points for writing you were to express my gratitude and to ask if it were possible to manifest a file/DVD to have the ability to share your video during some of my events, I know it would be equally appreciated. I am
    happy to make a contribution if that’s what feels best.

    Blessings to you, thank you again for your work


    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Chris,
      The Original Innocence DVD is in the public domain and can be freely shown anywhere. We do not offer it as a file but it can be bought in NTSC and PAL formats from the USA and UK parts of Shop respectively. It comes with two informational CDs and a 38 page booklet on the circuitry connected in this ceremony.
      All the best with your work,

    • Jiva says:

      Thanks Chris
      I have just sent you an email,

  8. Amit Thapar says:

    Thank You

  9. Marty says:


  10. anthok says:

    Am here withyou

  11. Chris says:

    I am curious, are these just downloads of pamphlets and written versions of the ceremony’s as PDF’s, or do these links also include new DVD’s?


    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Chris, The downloads are not written versions of Template ceremonies: the ceremonies must be attended in person with the exception of Foundation Ceremony: Original Innocence, which is the first and so far the only one on interactive DVD. The Sacred Day Ceremony avaialable from Downloads does not reconnect bio-circuitry, but is a wonderful occasional or daily meditation, whether you have reconnected circuitry in ceremony or not. The booklets which are included in the CD /DVD packs, ‘Foundation Ceremony: Original Innocence’ and ‘The Template and the Sound of Time, Worldbridger Phi-sonic Resonance’ are also avaialble as downloads here.

  12. Chris says:

    I have the videos, they were mailed to me and I am presenting them in Toronto as I was given the blessings to do by Jiva… just wondering or wishing to clarify what the new downloads are


  13. Jiva Carter says:

    here is a link to the video mentioned before “original Innocence”

  14. Kate says:

    Is there any chance to get the 1st ceremony somehow via download? I’ve live in a remote Brazilian fishing village, post id out of the question. Thanks

    • Jiva says:

      Hi Kate, here are some links where you can watch it free on youtube and vimeo
      Template one intro :
      Template intro Part 2 ;
      on Vimeo for the best quality see ; Original innocence ;

      If you had been able to buy and receive the packet in the Mail. You would have also received a booklet and double CD. The booklet can be downloaded from this website – but unfortunately we have not yet made the CDs available by down load – now that you have asked about it I will look into it – but it may take me a while. I hope you do in your remoteness get a good enough internet connection to watch it – I have also heard there are some pirate downloads of it out there so if downloads work better [certainly more shareable] you can search for them.
      Thanks for your interest ,, and please let us know how you make out with it.

  15. Jiva says:

    Hi Again – Ok i will send you an email.

  16. Brittany says:

    Hello, I would like to share this with a friend of mine who is deaf. Are there written versions available?

  17. Edith says:

    Thank you for the phenomenal work.
    I have been fascinated by the quality of the DVD and the geometric structures.
    I would like to know if you have any download images from the DVD available (or other sources). Knowing that they have a specific impact on us, I would really enjoy to enlarge them and hang them in my home…

    Thank you

    • Jiva says:

      So far we dont do any posters although it sounds like a good idea – however we do stickers and you would love our geometry app – check out the video on but the website needs fixing so you cant order from it but cantack me through this website if you want anything Love Jiva

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Edith, we dont have any screen grabs at the moment,although it would be a good idea to produce them as posters in the future but we do sell the geometry in plated brass. You will be able to buy some and the beautiful empowering and protective jewellery when we see you at the ceremonies soon!

  18. Dee Carter says:

    Hi Jiva,

    My husband Les & I are in Bali staying in UBUD at the moment.
    We have been enjoying your team of therapists daily. We leave next Thursday 9th April to return to New Zealand.
    I have been reading your books daily and I am fascinated with the content.
    Would there be any chance to participate in any ceremonies before we leave?
    Talk to you soon

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Dee,
      There will be no ceremonies in Bali until the end of the year- details will be posted on the website on Special Events. However, our ambassador Karlos does C1-5 in New Zealand. Here are the details of the next ones: COROMANDEL, New Zealand, April 25th-28th,10am-6pm each day
      C1 – Original Innocence, C2 – The Sacred Marriage, C3 – Sacred Breath, C4 – Source Ceremony, C5 – The Temple of Time.
      Venue TBA- contact Karlos Kukulcan, Email: +61 (0)421440128. You may just fit it in on your return!
      Best wishes, Jennifer

  19. Alan Razzak says:

    Thank you.
    This is amazing work that you are doing.

    In Love,


  20. James Harrell says:

    Thanks for this beautiful work.