Posted: Aug 30 2015

Part 1 of Galactic Matrix of Suns ended with a reference to the experience of the Mayan shaman-king who speaks in the Worldbridger Prologue as he fulfils the core aspect of his role as leader of his community to decipher the mysteries of time and space hidden in the implicit order of celestial interplay.

In his heightened state of awareness induced through ingesting plant medicines he greets the rising Sun in anticipation of total morphic resonance with its energetic streaming of light data. His heart yearns to wholeheartedly embrace its divine presence as an emissary of the Benevolence of his Creation.  His desire is not limited to receiving information of the movements and alignments of the celestial bodies that grace his silent mesoamerican nights, but to know himself as a hyper- sensory fractal co-ordinate within the universal holonomy of its mandalic codes; not only to know of the stars but to play among them.

His super sensory state of consciousness informs him of the connection between endless light and life and the correlation of our ability to receive and utilized the full spectrum of the Solar light code and the activation of the full Human blueprint.  As he attempts to embody this union he realises that his ability to access and decipher the full spectrum of Source Intelligence encoded in the light of the Sun and to attain total resonance with its transmission is the threshold to his communion with Divine Consciousness. Concurrently he realised that his propensity to do so is inhibited by his belief in his own mortality.

His belief, as it is for all of us, is derived from the modification of his gene code that ensures the entropy of his endocrine system and the slow deterioration of his body, his eventual death being a reasonable, rational, logical conclusion, considering the restrictions that govern the mortal paradigm within which he draws breath.  Seeing no reality beyond this one, his reaction is one of shock and heartbreak.

Through the passage of time and the initiations it provides, he commits himself to realising his ability to expand his range as a visionary leader and matures into his shamanic selfhood, merging his perception of reality with that of his ‘Navigator’, that aspect of his over-soul who is fearless and remembers the reason for which he has entered this time line. With each voyage into unknown territory his skills of navigation gain momentum and integrity. He brings back information and ways of being and perceiving that not only add to the power of his identity as a leader but refines his egoic sense of self as he integrates his new knowledge, expanding his compassion and patience, exercising forgiveness and tenderness as he comes to appreciate and understand the past and the future of his race.

As his neural pathways forge through the density of the mundane into new fields of quantum possibilities, he stabilizes his world view. He experiences the preliminary phase of witnessing the astounding diversity of Human suffering, the corruption, depravity, the relentless uninterrupted butchering tide of history. He is able to observe, without prejudice, the systemic failures within the matrix of the governing dynamics that generate the false time-space frequency.  He is in no doubt that the perversion of the paradigm is an abomination against all life forms within the entire solar system. He also recognises that ultimately Humanity will rise from the battlefield of its rotting history when light is full comprehended and embodied. The ravages of time and all its many masks of passage would be but the blink of an eye.

The Human Soul Covenant contains a holonomic symbiotic code in which the Human design is the sensory organ for planetary transformation as Earth is the sensory organ for Human transformation. Our Sun is the mediator and catalyst in this relationship, as every point of light within the helio-centric holonom is a portal sustained by the energetic nature of Source Consciousness, transmitted as light from the Sun. The Sun in turn is sustained by every point of light within the field. From the very first circuit to the last, the Template is a ‘template’ to retrieve and restore that relationship.

The wider the spectrum of the bio-data each Human holonom is able to receive, decode and feed into the transubstantiation of coherent order, the greater the expansive nature of the dimension consciously accessed by each holonomic unit. This symbiosis is reliant upon the energetic delivery system of bio-circuitry. The sympathetic, co-creative process of cognizant feedback grows exponentially with each connected circuit, enhancing the ability to sun-gaze, to benefit from doing so, and to serve the field.  The dynamic impact of the connection of circuits that deliver an acceleration of electromagnetic force into the Human holonom have been felt as a shift not only in behaviour patterns and re-evaluations  of mental and emotional perceptions but have also instigated episodes of hyper-sensory cognition, particularly since Code 7.

These episodes have, for many, initiated full sentient experience of and participation in realms that reflect an expanded expression of the Tantra of Creation. When sun-gazing, or when some deep program is finally undone, integration occurs, as a mode of perception gives way to an amplified awareness that brings in new spectrums of colour,  form and sound. Ratios of neuro-chemicals shift as the recipe of reality is altered by the electromagnet influx of Source Consciousness. The synergy of the Sun’s Divine Directive, projected as light, is received and integrated by the crystalline heart of Earth. The duration, intensity and frequency of these incidents has intensified as we have moved deeper into the process through accumulated circuitry and thus upgraded electromagnetically.

Every Template Code relates to our symbiotic relationship with the Sun, beginning with the Ether Code of the first Ceremony. The later codes constantly reference the Human holonom as a covenant of light between the Earth and the Sun – a toroidal converter positioned between the tantric communion of electricity and magnetism, transforming the sentient awareness of Earth and Sun into Human consciousness to be conducted back into the torsion field between planet and sun, sustaining the entire heliocentric hologram. In turn this fecund field is rendered available as a potent stream of utilisable energetic data to each fractal within the field.

Ceremony 7 and 8 focussed on the energetic mechanics of the quantum physics of manifest creation and how we function within it. Ceremony 9 and 10 reiterated that which inhibited our ability to establish resonance with light – light being the Source Code of the eternal constant – the holistic continuum.  Code 11 intensifies our ability to function as a bio-quantum field of photonic resonance as the connection it establishes actualises the 12 circuits of the first ceremony and the first circuit of Activation and Integration that is the 6th Ceremony.

This is just the beginning of the final phase, a juncture in the model at which acute levels of cohesion and coherence within the systemic function of the Human holonom ultimately reaches a copacetic state of transcendental capacity. Clearly, this is a decisive point at which to measure your comprehension and assessment of this path as your own: you must own it in order to integrate into a phase of such profound transformation.

Ceremony is a seed. An acorn holds unlimited forests.

The name The Template was chosen for this model of transformation because the word denotes an essential substructure upon which the energetic organization of the superstructure can develop. A template is a primary elemental blueprint that establishes a seed code from which elaborations grow and mature. A template is a schematic and as such does not organise and adjust to the sophistication of each individual’s traits, behaviours, standards or beliefs. The template of The Template is a model of restoration, the mechanics of which re-establishes the Human life form as the full manifestation of its original blueprint. This unavoidably isolates the quintessential identity of the authentic individual from his/her projected persona.

The Human hologram is a series of template codes that create interfacing patterns through which subsequently alignments occur to define individual propensity. Each code inter-courses with all other codes, creating between them holonomic codes of denser symbiotic complexity. Each code is a fractal holding every other code within it. The alignments that occur through circuitry reconnection activate systemic readjustment  that translate into propensities according to each individual’s capacity on all levels to release their addictions to programs of dependency that undermine sovereignty. This dynamic is inherent to the directive of the template seed code.

There is an incalculable degree of reconciliation required to cross the bridge from here to who we are in terms of embodying the full spectrum of the original Human blueprint. The design and progression of the model consists of ever more complex codes that activate the development and constant reform required to transcend a mutant matrix in order to reach full resonant interface with a paradigm that reflects the sentient sovereignty of a transcendental Human. The Template is a template that is encrypted in congruence with the central recognition that all life on Earth, in this temporal zone, is engaged in a mutant paradigm generated by the collective frequency feedback of a genetically modified race.

There is a world of difference between an imposed ideology and a schematic which develops according to the trajectory defined by the template that has generated and established it, the dynamic of which identifies any factor which inhibits the progression of adjustments and alignments that are essential and intrinsic to the model. The reconnection of circuity, of meridians, functions like acupuncture; reestablishing energy pathways to activate the individuals energetic communion with their own potency and power. In China, before needles were invented to open energy meridians stories were used.

A visionary process develops concurrently with the growing capacity gained by steps just taken. The ground ahead grows ever steeper into uncharted territory as that which was once perceived as impossible takes shape and draws us on. In the density of this mutant paradigm it is impossible not to be seduced by the ordained ideals of duality that snare us into censorship through our own limitations. It all looks so real,  this mortal realm.

Just as many have identified fluoride as an inhibitor to the function of the pineal, we have identified the moon as an inhibitor to our ability to decipher the light of the Sun, establishing and reinforcing systemic failure and terminal decline. Religion inhibits self-realization through the connection to the Source of Creation, imposing systems of belief in god-impersonators that disempower the individual’s ability to define their divinity. Religious icons objectify pre-ordained definitions of patriarchal, anthropomorphic deities that energetically revoke an individual’s ability to define the Source of their Creation for themselves, literally inhibiting electromagnetic inclusion into the eternal constant, the Maha Gaia Tantra of causality.

In this vein the Template Crew are, without reservation, citing flesh consumption as an inhibitor to the integration of the realization of Human sentient sovereignty, referencing the template of the model that defines liberation as an autonomous state of needlessness achieved by transcending the tendencies that govern our dualistic existence through suppression of consciousness. This appraisal of eating meat is not about ‘lifestyle’ choices, based on a predetermined span of material existence, nor the political, social, or ecological considerations that postulate a way forward in the hope that this reality might work for you as you strike a deal with entropy. We are not establishing better problems or a greener, more politically correct box.

Over the years we have navigated the uproar instigated by the release of information in regards to religion and the moon, yet no other issue brings forth greater indignation and vitriolic backlash than the subject of meat consumption.  Many become vegetarians and vegans during or shortly after experiencing Template Ceremonies. Some have reported being repelled by meat days before attending or even en route to the Template venue, tossing their packed lunch in the bin as their field of awareness registered the need to prepare to interface with a body of work that instigated integration into the vibratory infrastructure of a fractal unit of consciousness whose ultimate goal was to be sustained autonomously. For some this integration takes years.

It is not optimal to abstain from meat eating as a discipline you adopt resulting from accommodating and co-operating with a philosophy or template of any model without feeling it in your heart. For those who chose to be vegetarian/ vegan from a sense of love and compassion and an unconditional perception of the equality and sacredness of all life,  the abstinence from consuming flesh is not simply a dietary preference, it’s a way of being you cannot be shamed or coerced into. It’s not even a decision but a response of love that requires zero calculation and which surfaces as a result of integrating internal alignments as all programs within the holonomy of your incarnate self recalibrates to the Benevolence of Creation.

There are those who have and will continue to assert that including the topic of flesh consumption as a relevant consideration in the assessment of Human development as an autonomous, self-referencing field of consciousness, is not only outside of the Template jurisdiction but immaterial and invasive. All systems of oppressive addictive programming are supported by defensive attitudes, justifications, trivialization and denial. In relation to meat eating people feel they have been personally attacked because it is such a private and penetrating act to consume. In addition to this there may be an overwhelming sense of self-revulsion as knowledge of the suffering that is connected to the farming and butchering of animals is felt through the shared morphic field, triggering cognitive dissonance.

At this time, when many are awakening to the regimes and programs of deception shared through international multimedia and are pulling themselves out from under the control of external and internal programming, the response to yet another ‘rule’ they perceive to be a spiritually imposed ideology, is the loud and indignant affirmation, ‘it’s my choice’. In relation to the issue of eating animals, this is a response of astounding hypocrisy by anyone who is claiming the right to sovereignty, considering the fact that the animal’s choice is disregarded at best, and at worst disdained as insignificant. It simply doesn’t add up, and reveals a glaring inconsistency in the concept of love, compassion, nonviolence and equality for all.

It is surprising that factions of the worldwide community of those who denounce oppressive regimes which perpetuate war, genocide and torture are marginalizing the necessity to turn from meat eating in the face of the ever mounting information that reveals its detrimental impact at every level of ecology and Human existence.

“Empower yourself to eventually stand up in delicate social and political situations and just say …. BULLSHIT!”       -Terence McKenna

There is only so much of a person’s carnivorous behaviour they can blame on the guilt-tripping, puritanical vegan police. As irritating as they might be, it’s nothing compared to having to watch people eat slabs of bloody flesh in restaurants and smell the stomach churning rankness of singed meat.

The internet has provided a great forum to speak up for those who have no voice. Every day there are many thousands of people becoming vegetarians and vegans for a variety of reasons. Concurrently there are more inventive accusations against this trend as internet bloggers pointedly ridicule vegetarianism. Convoluted rationalizations are offered that will impart a get-out-of-jail-free-card to those who are intellectually developed enough to understand them. Vegetarianism is derided as a false morality imposed by the CIA/ NWO agenda to render people too weak to resist oppression. Yes, you read that right!

Adopting a moral attitude means you are conforming with a standard response that, by default, defines your integrity within the confines of a social culture. A response to the brutality and slaughter of defenseless beings is an authentic, resonant appreciation that rises from the heart’s intelligence:  an emotional response. Yes – emotional!

In the new rule book of meat eaters, the ‘emotional response’ to the abuse of animals that is expressed on the internet and is unavoidably inherent in any debate on the subject is jumped on and criticized as some form of hysteria that inhibits rational, deductive thinking. These accusations are not only coming from the orthodox mainstream meat consumers, but from those who are members of alternative metaphysical communities. They attend workshops in Tantra, relationships and the embodiment of the sacred marriage of the male and female in order to achieve balance, to become present, to get in touch with their feelings. Smells like the same old patriarchal bullshit: criticizing honest expressions of compassion, ridiculing a spectrum of response in order to support their limited ability to be aware and take responsibility for their indulgence in their addiction, reframing a heart-centered response to a blatant situation of extreme and barbaric cruelty as a hyper-sentimental emotional response that is a product of the enfeebled modern age. Are they then willing to take a lamb or calf from its mother, slit its throat and skin it?

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Mid last century, factions of the youth generation began to expand their consciousness through psychedelic experiences and various practices that brought their focus to the transcendental potential embedded in their body’s energy systems, engendering a reverence for the sacredness of all life. Profound metaphysical insights into the nature of reality activated a dismantling of the prevalent social structures and a demand for civil rights, racial equality and respect for the ecology. For the first time in history young men refused to go to war. Killing was not cool and eating a dead animal was a gaping inconsistency in the evolution of humanity.

Within a new hedonistic superficial cultural structure of a hybrid form of ‘spirituality’, a New Age pick-‘n-mix physics meant that you could tuck into a steak if you “blessed” it, or just used your powers of intention to turn it into a carrot- although to the naked eye it still looked like a steak. In cafes, many of them categorized as the health food variety, around the various towns I visit you will often see people sitting with eyes closed in reverent meditation, holding their hands over their chicken lunch while murmuring some incantation that insures karmic immunity from the various acts of brutality that occurred between the life of the chicken and its appearance on their plates.

Another claim against vegetarianism that is growing in popularity on the internet is that many of the subversive radical innovations and realization of the 60’s and 70’s were the result of a dastardly CIA infiltration, misquoting and taking out of context the works of dead poets, philosophers and psychedelic trailblazers to support self-serving points of views and agendas that rest on the disparagement of the efforts and achievements of a generation. Every cultural era has been infiltrated by a controlling force that wishes to manipulate and exploit its advancements in breaking with primary identification with religion, race and culture in order to serve those who hold dominion over this reality – never more so than at this time. It would seem a good idea to consider whether your perceptions of that era are being manipulated by the same forces and agencies of disinformation you are citing as having created it, before you jump in and help them rewrite the history books. Who’s zooming who?

At this time when global insanity is experiencing an exponential acceleration and is being thoroughly exposed it is not a stretch to recognize the programs that are responsible for the suppression of Human consciousness. Every week, every day, new reasons surface to at least re-evaluate the implications of tying your existence into the domain of murder that is meat.

A definition of Source that is coalescing in the sacred crucible of the Human heart-body-mind as it downloads and decodes the divinity of light is one that recognizes spirit and matter to be one energy in different stages of manifestation. We are individualized aspects of one unified body of Divine Consciousness. We can feel that every nuance of celestial influence within our solar system has a significant impact on our cognitive process. A subtle change in the ratio of our delicately balanced brain chemistry can open thresholds into other dimensions.

Eating flesh that has been the sentient containment of a being that has thought, cared, given birth, had habits, desires and fears and was murdered is not simply food, it is a physical, energetic and psychological interaction.

When the time of slaughter draws near the animal knows death is close. The abattoir environment is riddled with entities that feed on negative emotions which are drawn in as a result of the brutality, the fear, the smell of blood, the disempowerment. Those who wait for death and hear the screams of animals that have died before them are in a state of deep psychotic disassociation, similar to a child who cannot escape inevitable abuse. The animal will move into fight or flight mode. It will not be able to escape or defend itself. The adrenaline meant for muscular reaction is trapped in the body. The dread, panic and horror is such that relief is found only in disengagement from awareness, opening the way to invasion by entities that feed on such levels of suffering. Those who engage in this mass murder as their chosen profession are inevitably afflicted and impaired by this miasma of abominable despair – as will be those who consume the end product of flesh, tidily offered up in neat little packages.

Consuming flesh creates a potent physiological cognitive bias that depresses the instinct of compassion that not only perpetuates the act but renders it an addiction. Everything we consume has an effect on our chemistry and emits bio-informational signals that recalibrate behavioral responses. Memory carried in the DNA and blood plasma and the adrenal toxicity trapped in the muscular flesh caused by the extreme fear of the threatened animal has a psychopathological effect. Ingesting flesh and blood constitutes a powerful form of psychic exchange of negative experiences, propensities, proclivities, that can affect your own cognitive processes. This includes the depression of the function of the pineal and intuitive perception. Consuming flesh, blood and bone marrow fractures identity and feeds the reptilian brain to reinforce a rationale of hierarchy that promotes acceptance of hostile domination and reduces every form of life to a position in the food chain. In the act of cannibalism the meat and bones were boiled to remove memory.

When I began this newsletter I heard from our Ambassador Karl who had just been to see his herbalist who had recently become a vegetarian. He had been feeling drawn to do so for some time and for various reasons. After a dinner of lamb he woke from a dream where he was been chased by a dog. It was clear to him that he was dreaming the lamb’s dream.

There is no forgiveness without blood.


I started this newsletter on the Balinese holiday of Kuningan. It’s an important day of celebration here. One of the main rituals carried out on this day is one in which forgiveness is asked of the gods. This is performed through animal sacrifice. In fact the Sanskrit term for animal sacrifice is “bali ”. In the picture you will see a duck about to meet its end in order to please the gods of the Humans that gather around in this common ritual. Off to the left is a dog on a piece of blue plastic line. It also awaits ritual death… and don’t imagine it doesn’t know it. There is ceremony carried out in the street whereby offerings and prayers are said whilst holding a bird. The bird is not then set free to symbolize the soaring of the spirit as it is liberated, having just been absolved from some perceived wrong doing: instead, the bird has its head torn off,

It is easier for the western culture to deny the concrescence of a whole system of suppression created between gods, religions, murder, death and carnivorous behavior when their meat is neatly wrapped in homogenized cellophane packages. The established psychogenic behavior of ritual murder and flesh consumption as a spiritual rite is the dominant world practice: as such it is archetypally represented in the morphic field. Those who engage in consuming flesh are affiliated with this field through vibrational entrainment. This connection presents points of                    sanctioned behavioral reference in the psyche.

In western towns and cities it is not in your face and on the street – no blood in the gutter to bring home the reality of a dominant collective global belief that the mercy and forgiveness of your god, whom you credit as having dominion over your existence, can be bought with the slitting of the throat of an animal. This is high magic of the darkest order and is practiced in all orthodox religions (ie, the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation: a worshipper must believe that the wafer and the wine turn into the flesh and blood of Jesus) and secret societies, to the degree that it is a governing field of practice that oppresses the human spirit. Eating flesh that is ‘grass fed’ and was so generously granted free range to ensure its organic content for the benefit of your health is not going to accord you dispensation from being complicit in its suffering, nor grant you exemption from the entity riddled astral realms sustained by violent murder. There is no such thing as killing humanely.

Entrainment occurs when two energetic systems become harmonic through proximity. This is the dynamic in play through many forms of healing, in particular, through sound. When the entrainment is realized through the resonant feedback of an empowering frequency that reinforces, rejuvenates and resurrects a potency that is in line with creation and is intrinsic to the original masterpiece of the Human design prior to genetic modification, transformative restoration occurs. Entrainment also occurs through repeated exposure to disempowering systems of co-dependency. As you repeat and repeat the names of gods you become entrained into the morphic field represented by that sound frequency and are plugged into the realm of programs that constitute that god program, stunting your ability to define the Benevolence of Creation in your own terms. When you ingest meat you become entrained to the stimulus response patterns initiated through that vibration.

Ceremony 11 actualizes Code 1 & 6. This review of the Template’s stance on meat eating has come to the forefront at this time because Ceremony 11 actualizes Code 1 & 6. Ceremony 1’s Earth code very clearly defines the Human as the protector of Earth and all her creatures. The Earth circuit connects through the pituitary/ hypothalamus/ pineal complex to arc 16 to 18 inches into the ground, attuning the body’s field to the Earth’s core, initiating the move towards needlessness as you connect into true free energy. Ceremony 6’s code acknowledges that the Human Soul Covenant is a field of Source Intelligence that holds full resonance with the creation harmonic of light. Due to the disconnection of circuitry and the modification of the blueprint there are octaves of the light frequency that are not finding resonance feedback with the Human Soul Covenant. This covenant is written in the geometric language of light. The alchemical code of resonant re-entrainment with Source Light is at the heart of every Template ceremony. This entrainment with light it established ceremoniously: however,  it requires that the individual receiving this attunement, through the reconnection of bio-circuity, is responsible for keeping his/her wave clean.

Meat eaters always say how grounded they are. Of course you would feel strong on a rush of blood and marrow juice; you’re using the life force of another being instead of figuring out a way to better sustain your molecular structure. It’s lazy, it’s vampirism. Of course it grounds you in this paradigm reality:  it is in frequency resonance with suffering, entropy and death. ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ came out in the 70’s to reveal the sacred sentient sovereignty of all manifestations of life and to inspire a way of being that would cause as little harm as possible. It is now regularly being referenced as a reason not to be a vegetarian and to eat meat. In this dualistic paradigm, until we are able to achieve and stabilize breatharianism, we are prey to the fact that for something to live, something must die.

When debating this subject, taking responsibility for the actual act of killing the animal is sidestepped, most commonly by referencing the past and by bringing racism into the equation. This is designed to stimulate shame and guilt and thus distract from the issue, citing people of western cultures as completely arrogant in their desire to practice and promote vegetarianism as it insults indigenous people who know better through their connection to the natural world. The issue is distilled down to egotistical people of opinion and belief, vs people of culture and tradition, referencing the past because they cannot envision the future.

This is not about food choices that are arrived at through intellectual analysis or religious beliefs. This is not about food at all. To invoke the cultures and traditions of the past as your map to the future is to deny your own shamanistic nature, all you have learned about the true history of Humanity, and to surrender to all the aspects of mutant programs that generate this perverted paradigm. All suppressive programs of behavior that have been historically consecrated as supremely noble and ethical and thus petrified into tradition, whatever era or country they have originated from, are the proclamations of a patriarchal cultural succession that drags with it all the reiteration of psycho-cultural brain entrainment? A self -proclaimed indigenous shaman of Australia, whose ability to remove entities from people has become widely sought after, has made this public statement: ‘If you are responsible for the death of a human or animal before its time without its permission, then that spirit has a right under laws of LORE to take over that body that was responsible for its death.’

Who decides the time of death and how is permission asked and granted? There is no doubt that the meat you meet in your market place has not given permission for the extreme suffering it has undergone.

It is so PC these days, when you can’t quite substantiate your position, to reference ‘what the shamans do’, as if the psychogenesis of their cognitive process was not perceived through the prism of this mutant matrix conjured from the same cauldron of the militant murderous archetypal pantheon of god impersonators. Shamanism must be stripped of its cultural peculiarities. It does not belong to any country. The Sun rises in the East but it is not an Eastern Sun. Those who invoke the customs of indigenous cultures that are predominantly meat eating to gather ballast for their argument  opportunistically eclipse many other inequitable aspects of those cultures that are not aligned with their PC profiles,  in particular the patriarchal structures that exclude women from temples, ceremonies and governance and impose upon them roles of servitude and submissions that can include genital mutilation in the Middle East, 28 countries in Africa and parts of Asia and Central and South America.

Historically, there has been no peace on this planet, no time without war, suffering and injustice, so why reference the past as a map to the future? Why assume that eating flesh was beneficial to the evolution of any culture that was fuelled by it? There has been a lot of healing and transformational work done by all of us to redefine relationships, to ourselves, to each other, to the Benevolence of our Creation, through which we have addressed the balance of power between the male and female potencies, socially and sexually.

We live and work with a Template crew here in Bali, a family of people who eat meat and participate in animal sacrifices regularly. We do not impose beliefs on them that are intrinsic to the Template model. Of course they are exposed to the Template in many ways, particularly through geometry. They explicitly ask to take part in Template Ceremonies. Several of them yearn to be vegetarians and be excused from taking part in their temple ceremonies. However if they abstained from either they would be ostracized by their community and put their families in danger. Most traditional cultures are inflexible to say the least.

This is a time in which radical transformation is needed in order to reset the paradigm from fear-based to love. The new paradigm cannot be interpreted and determined as a theory. We need solutions that are generated from the core through which the paradigm is being projected.

We have been navigating our way through the maze, the rat race, through the dim and the grim, reaching for the right way, the kind way, the light way, the way of love – Ahimsa. In this dualistic paradigm, choices are made in each incremental moment, this is accepted, that is rejected, this is embraced, that is avoided, this is believed, that is not true. Each day an endless relentless series of turns are taken on the journey between the rising and setting of the Sun, most of them unconscious as we follow the path that is known, well trodden, the path that is dictated by religion, by tradition, by culture… the path that is decided upon through repetition rather than remembrance, through habit rather than discrimination, through dependency rather than preference, through fear rather than love,  through neural pathways of the brain set into grooves through chemical suppression of the pineal, through the reward/punishment cycle begun at birth and set in motion through family and society and culture,  moving us further and further away from the sentient sovereign impulse to respond ecstatically to the moment until that which is natural becomes not only impossible but unthinkable.

We anticipated massive change in this era of transformation. There are many who feel that the Solstice portal of 2012 was a non-event, not only because what transpired did not match up to the hype, but because once again, this event was tagged a CIA program put out to distract from escalating global concerns.

The 2012 portal WAS an alignment of incalculable relevance. The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomy is eternally in synchronomic motion – a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy, but a fractally constructing self referencing ocean of possibilities. The 2012 alignment recalibrated Earth and its inhabitants to that continuum. Yes, it was only for an instant:  in that heartbeat of a moment the Sun communicated a seed code of absolute convergence with the Galactic Core and the Heart of the Cosmos, overriding all system inhibitors to contact all sentient beings and planting a new point of reference for endlessness in their DNA. You can’t un-ring a bell. Can you not feel that seed inside you?

There are new components within the alchemy of our existence that have come to light and once they are factored into our existence and our perception of who we are they change the ratios of reality.  The wheels and cogs of time churn for eons, the waters of renewal falling drop by drop on the creed of mortality written in the stone of ages,  inter-dimensional vortexes aligning through the convergence of stars and planets  opening portals into dark matter letting through the influence of the Source Code of the Maha Tantra of Creation, differentiating into the geometries of light, cascading through the portals created by celestial alignment, ushering in the glimmer of the light of life eternal.

I hope that within these shared words your truth can be felt.

With love,



2 Responses

  1. divine roberts says:

    Thank You Beloved Juliet,
    Yes, these words resonate with truth, integrity and deep wisdom from the heart of creation.
    I feel like I have explored it all and now I find your work…it’s like emptying a lot of superficiality of spirituality and entering a higher octave of source consciousness.
    You are an incredible being with the art of transmitting thru your language of light.
    I salute you dear warrior and sistar
    Love Divine.

  2. Paula mulder says:

    Hi,with love praise and gratitude thank you for these insights