Posted: May 20 2015

Detail solar  star  sunrise CODE 11:  PART 1,  THE TEMPLATE NEWSLETTER, MAY 2015.

A quick word before you begin this newsletter.

I would like to encourage those of you who, in the past, have complained that the newsletters were too long, to make a real effort to read and study the following.


All authentic restorative processes initiate progressive stages of physical, mental and emotional cleansing. The Codes utilised in the alchemy of the Template set in motion the collapse of the disempowering programs established as a result of incarnating into a mutant paradigm. As a result there is a considerable degree of disassociation from habitual response patterns and belief systems that have offered you refuge from the full recognition of what is unfolding on this planet. The more you know and understand about your process the better you will be able to track and facilitate your own progress.

If you are considering moving into the Actualisation Phase with the 11th Ceremony you are entering into the most potent stage of transformation. Those of you who are just beginning, or are part way through this model, please study past newsletters and the various books, CDs and DVDs provided.

With the arrival of Code 11 we are entering the 3rd (and final) phase of this holonomic process we have named The Template, the design and progression of which has advanced – and continues to accelerate – towards the realisation of a paradigm resonant with the true Human design prior to the genetic modification of our original blueprint.

The manifest evidence of this trajectory has been distinctly demonstrated within the function of every reconnected circuit, each of which reinstates an electromagnetic feed into the endocrine system, thereby rejuvenating its ability to produce a range and ratio of biochemical elements, the dynamic function of which creates a brain/body chemistry resonant with the full spectrum frequencies of the holistic continuum.

The inherent propensity of the original Human design, prior to genetic modification, is capable of actuating a transcendent realm. This capacity has been illuminated through the recognition and restoration of the Human function to operate as a bio quantum field of photonic resonance, able to receive, decipher and transmit the energetic information of light.

This propensity determines the Human as a self-constructing bio-generator able to project and assemble a reality that reflects the full spectrum of integrated tantric fusion which defines the totality of the Source Code.

Code 11 begins the phase of actualising this Human potential.

The above statement is an encapsulated definition of not only the capacity of the Actualising codes but also the Template model as a whole. It bears study. As you read it you may find that your mind/body resists its message. Its transmission is in direct opposition to the present fear based mortal matrix and the programming you have received from birth.

Writing this newsletter has been extra challenging. It has brought a heavier sense of responsibility than any other we have released. The arrival of this phase of transformation has been anticipated for most of our lives. However, it comes concurrent with a time of great darkness on this planet and the relief of its arrival is tainted with global grief.

It is during the phase of culmination that the rotting fruit expels the new seed into the light of day. The end holds potential for the beginning. The radical extent to which the global control mechanism has accelerated is being laid bare, the masks of the gods have fallen. Conspiracy theories once damned as delusional are now seen as not only plausible but concrete.

This paradigm is a complex, elaborately contrived mechanism of survival that not only distracts us from discovering our full potential but also convinces us to consume, be silent and die.

We are all challenged by the atrocities playing out on the global stage. The agenda citing ‘the war on terror’ as the provocation for the brazen violation of civil and Human rights is executed daily, as is the righteous justification of invasions that are smoke screens for destruction and genocide. Racism and all forms of prejudice are being strategically stimulated and simulated for heavy media coverage designed to agitate and separate, to generate hate.

Beneath it all brews a stratagem that has been intricately planned out for some time, a pattern of synchronised circumstances, responses and resolutions that connect these events together in one all-encompassing agenda of oppression.

We are witnessing the dawning of the next TERM AND DOMINION of absolute control under the reign of a new World Overlord. Under his dominion, there is one order… and one god. He IS that god. As he prepares the stage for his turn in the game, the board is being reset and the new super power holders put in place. A menacing posture of reconfigured global tyranny is surfacing.

“The wars, genocide and atrocities that plague Human existence are not culturally, economically or politically engendered, nor can they be attributed to the truthless charge of innate corruption of Human nature, but are the result of the catastrophic intrusion of a predatory and brutal species with an agenda of world dominance.”       Worldbridger

We are experiencing a world that is in the clutches of forces which we are finally beginning to openly and bravely evaluate. Through the interconnectivity of the worldwide media web, a great many individuals are awakening to realisations regarding the predatory and merciless nature of those who are running this reality. As a result this knowledge has pervaded the collective field of shared consciousness. Many are now, to varying degrees, working with these realisations and struggling to accept them. However religions (including the New Age) have a built-in prophecy designed to compartmentalise the end game scenario as a part of the sin/saviour karma/atonement Armageddon clause. As a result the present acceleration of degeneracy, debasement and debauchery in world affairs (and within elite cultures) is registered and accredited to the prophecies of their chosen faith – as the unavoidable “fate” or righteous retribution.

“Two of the most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”.    Mark Twain

Disenchantment is required in order to fully recognise and appreciate the complex elaboration of dark agendas that are climaxing to a point of all encompassing global control and to see beyond the facade of warring factions and identify the true perpetrators. It will help you to understand what is happening around you and the depth of what it is you are experiencing. Why such a demonic consciousness would be able to overtake Humanity on a global scale and your potentially congruous and feasible response to the events unfolding around you.

The inescapable assessment that the construct of this paradigm is beyond redemption breaks down barriers of denial and prepares you to reconsider the reason you chose to incarnate at such a time. What we are about to achieve is extraordinary. We did not come here to suffer the apocalypse. We came to embody the solution, to harness these energies of culmination, to collectively construct the transcendent reality resonant with our original blueprint prior to genetic modification.

This paragraph from the back cover of ‘Worldbridger’ determines the core manipulation that has rendered Humanity a genetic experiment, a stolen race on a stolen planet:

‘The corruption lies in the mutant matrix, in the systemic failure of Earth’s governing functions and the loss of evolutionary symbiosis that occurred when this parasitic species electromagnetically disconnected Humanity and its mother planet from the divine immortal continuum, setting Earth on a course of terminal decline.’

All of the above is pertinent to the Template model and to the performance of the Actualising Codes.

I had just completed my first book ‘Original Innocence’ when we were approached by someone who offered to finance and market it in the US…on the condition that all references to immortality were omitted. Obviously we declined.

Our accumulation of data in regards to disconnected circuits of electromagnetic energy in the body – and the codes that would reinstate their current of power so as to energise the endocrine system was not instigated by a desperate human clawing at life to avoid the grave. Physical immortality was recognised as the inevitable outcome that arises from reconnecting the delivery system for the energetic nature of Source Consciousness…our system of circuitry. We are finding our way back to reality…not escaping it.

On our first tour of America, not long after the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, we held Ceremony one in Malibu, California, for a group of doctors, chiropractors and acupuncturists. I had been carefully presenting the connection between circuitry and brain chemistry and had just begun to link this information to the modification of the DNA, the activation of dormant genetic material and the resurrection of the Light Body when I was physically attacked. Several members of the group fought the man off and escorted him out. This enraged young man was instinctively triggered and unconstrained in what appeared to be an unpremeditated knee -jerk reaction.

During the edit of Worldbridger I was cautioned to omit the statement “immortality is inevitable”. The reason given was that it would offend people and could undermine our credibility. There are ‘credible’ psychologists whose main focus regards what they see as humanity’s ‘obsession with living forever’. Their general conclusion is that humanity has a pathological inability to accept death. Why? Because the worst that can happen is surely going to. Their summations will leave you feeling that if you consider the concept of physical immortality you are suffering from a psychotic delusion; that you are a shamefully weak and fearful being incapable of accepting the natural order of entropy established by the higher power of god or mainstream science.

The new insights gained from the confluence of quantum physics and metaphysics that has discovered and continues to discover the ever growing enigma of ‘physicality’ is not acknowledged or explored. Neither is it mentioned that mainstream science has declared Human DNA material as perfectly constructed to self-organise and replicate and they cannot determine why it doesn’t. Psychologists in general are not compelled to recognise the fact that out of 3 billion base pair chemicals only 60 million are active. Were they to recognise this core condition that spawns all Human neurosis the business of analysing psychosis would come to a grinding halt.

They are however correct in their summations that religion is there as a safety net for the fear of death, which is why people are so angry when you undermine their religious convictions. Basically you are threatening to disable their ability to keep at bay their existential panic. DEATH is the spectre of annihilation that shadows every thought and decision. Without it we would be out of control. It is essential to the enslavement of Humanity that we do not question the inevitability of our death.

The process of dismantling the death program began in the first ceremony with the reconnection of the fire circuit. “Never was there a time when I did not exist, never will there come a time when I cease to be”.

From the Template Workbook:

“The test point for the Fire circuit is situated in the perineum. This circuit feeds the gonads, which in tandem with the pituitary/hypothalamus/pineal complex, manufactures the hormones that send bio-informational signals. These in turn regulate the cyclic functions of the reproductive system and set in motion the degenerative phase that leads to the death of the physical body. The present ratio of catalytic alchemical components within this hormonal recipe gives rise to the conspiracy of mortality”.

What brings our attention at this time to the fire circuit is that the 11th code actualises the 1st, and thus the 6th Ceremony circuitry. As you approach this reconnection, fear of death is the program that is brought to the surface of your awareness in order to face it and clear it from your cellular memory as your field is further embraced into the holography of the Immortal Continuum. The actuation of the ether circuit involves the clearing of shame. Guilt, anger and regret are understood at yet another level. It’s intense and many are already in preparation for it.

Concurrently, the reconnection established by the 11th Ceremony influences the brain chemistry dynamics calibrated and manufactured by the pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal complex. This may be manifestly felt during and after the ceremony. It is worth studying the first code in order to understand the process you will be going through should you choose so.


Although we had imagined that with the completion of the first two phases of this template of transformation that there would be some breathing space between the onslaught of codes, it was not a surprise when the 11th attunement overwhelmed our 3 day retreat in a cabin at the base of Wollumbin, only days after holding Ceremony 10 in the hinterland. There was not much time to integrate its impact before we left for Glastonbury. Time spent in the UK revealed the shocking degree to which the global agenda of suppression has accelerated.

Our experience with the 11th code initiated such an immense, immediate and prolonged transcendental episode that we concluded it was not to be experienced by a group in a confined space,  nor by those who were not ready to be thrust into that degree of heightened perception. We imagined there was no spoken code – that the Actualisation would be realised via a transmission once a critical mass of individuals had aligned all circuits up to the 10th. It was on the Equinox in Bali that we realised there was an individual field of electromagnetic energy that was to be realigned. We also recognised the scope and sphere of it and the catalytic geometric complexity that would resonate with its dynamic, and that the participant would achieve this simply by being present within the circle of Ceremony. As with all the strata of electromagnetic reconnections, the degree to which this alignment was to be unpacked and explored was down to that individual’s commitment, capacity and desire…and in their own time.

During the last few days the emergence of the 11th Code is revealing the elemental and molecular confluences that ignited the transcendent sublimity of our experience at Wollumbin. For Jiva and me the experience was a long awaited substantiation of the promise made on Green Mountain. You know how it is when you hold the faith for so long. Every day begins with the vision that keeps you keeping on.  And yet when it sweeps in and carries you away it’s hard to believe!

Our experience of the 11th code was not simply a confirmation but an outright demonstration of what the trajectory of electromagnetic support to the pituitary-hypothalamus-pineal-complex indicated in the FIRST Ceremony. It was at that juncture that it became clear we were not simply working with a therapeutic process to make this reality work for us but gathering in a template for the manifestation of a reality resonant with the fullness of our dormant immortal blueprint.

What we experienced through the 11th code on Wollumbin was not to the intensity of the Green Mountain episode. The 11 Code Actuated the 1st and 6th. The 12th Code will Actuate the 2nd and 7th. The 13th will Actuate the 3rd and 8th, etc. The phase of actualisation cohesively resurrects all fractal aspects of the Human Holonom,  activating, integrating, crystallising it into the space time ship of the Light Body.

Time and circuitry has shown that it is indeed a matter of the production and metabolisation of brain chemistry that holds a key to the process of affecting the field through resonance, the endogenous production of substances in the pineal that reveal our inherent ability to become conscious and aware in dimensions that express the energetic truth of the holistic continuum.

The preliminary stage of this began for some at the integration of the 7th Ceremony and is the dynamic behind the random episodes of anxiety mixed with ecstasy,  phases of raw self cognition and hyper sensory processing that make the trivial routines of domestic existence glaringly ludicrous and our compliance with its absurd demands shameful. The subtle flutter of awakening brain neurons, as the hypothalamus tracts ushers in a new spectrum of light geometry from the rear of the retina, throwing you into the immense and unbearable responsibility of being God.

I have decided to release this newsletter in instalments.  Part 2 will concern the connection between the embrace and integration of code 11 and reaching full morphic resonance with the light of our Sun. I leave you with the opening of the next instalment:

Human mortality is ultimately the result of our deficient morphic resonance with the solar system and our inability to translate light.

The following is from the prologue of Worldbridger. The Mayan shaman king is fulfilling his role as a bringer of prophecy through the traditional ingesting of plant medicines. Before learning to surf the waves of time his journey takes him first to the knowledge of the limitations of his modified field of perception and to meet his future self…

“My pineal absorbed and distributed this light intelligence through my central nervous system into every cell where my DNA code drank thirstily of the activating life elixir.

As the full sentient presence of the Sun orb left the horizon and seared its geometry into my pineal, I experienced an orgasmic rush within my conscious perception. The resonant receptors within my electromagnetic field of awareness acknowledged and honoured this living sentient being as the ultimate monadic form of Source Consciousness; not only an emissary for the Benevolence of Creation but a transubstantiation of its Prime Presence”.

He is moved to fully embrace this divine presence, knowing that total morphic resonance with this energetic body of light holds the key to his liberation…his own divinity. Only to find that…

“…where there was belief in my mortality there was discrepancy between my self and the measure of the Sun’s nurture.”

It is then that the ‘Navigator’ merges with his consciousness. Of course the Navigator is the aspect of himself who has not manifested into his cognitive self as there was not enough resurrected circuitry to support its perceptions. The Navigator gives him knowledge of a future time when “light would be newly and fully comprehended through the reconnection of electromagnetic circuitry”.

Juliet Carter

Ceremony is a seed… Plant it.

CEREMONIES 6-11 in Ubud, BALI, 1st-6th November, 2015

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  1. Julie Anna says:

    Great Greetings!
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      Hi Julie,

      Contact ambassador Karlos who is facilitating ceremonies 1-5 in USA over the next few months. His current schedule is on Events on the website- his e-mail is If you have a suitable venue and can get a group together he might be able to fit it in. I hope it can be arranged that you and your group experence this life changing work.

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