‘GENESIS REVISITED’- REVISITED. Worldbridger, Chapter 20

Posted: May 26 2016


PRIOR TO OUR EXPERIENCE ON GREEN MOUNTAIN, information from various sources regarding alien abduction, cattle mutilation, UFO sightings and the extraterrestrial infiltration of political and military organizations had been brought to our attention. We did not reject this information, but we did not focus on it either. Aware that we did not have enough knowledge to holistically integrate these matters into our perception of ourselves, our Earth, our past, present and future, we compartmentalized it.

After the crash-course of the Green Mountain event, the compartment labeled ‘extraterrestrial’ split its seams and burst its content into our everyday estimation of reality. You can read about these things and see the footage, but nothing compares to meeting an extraterrestrial face to face in broad daylight.

The event became a measure through which we discerned the real, not only in regard to the beings we met, but particularly through the dimensional shift that gifted us with a touchstone which would forever give us a point of reference to our true identities and the proximity of a paradise that is a collective perception awaiting only our cognizance of its existence. Our footsteps upon the Earth took on a new lightness as a ‘divine ambivalence’ tempered our awareness of and reactions to the sometimes frightening reality of the global deception. The knowledge of Humanity’s ultimate transcendence of the fear and suffering our race has so tenaciously fought against for eons was almost tangible. It would happen. We had been there, seen and felt it.

In one intense afternoon on a mountain, memories of past and future were activated. However, many more questions arose from the event than were answered by it and, to this day, we are unpacking its implications. Although we were aware, on some level, of the spectrum of oppression, brutality and control inflicted upon Humanity by the race to which the aliens we met belonged, we could not completely integrate the full ramifications of what we had experienced without being consumed by the intensity of its import. So we set ourselves a safety net of ‘creative denial’ in order to focus on and achieve the work that lay ahead.

In the months that followed, it seemed that a floodgate was opened and information poured in from a variety of sources. Some smacked of disinformation – some, particularly the notion of ‘ascending’ out of the mess on Earth on spaceships, seemed reckless, irresponsible and desperate. The more grounded and well presented information came from courageous ‘whistleblowers’ dedicated to assisting Humanity in deprogramming their social, political and religious hypnosis. We felt our bodies come into easy resonance with this material and filed it away for a later time.

It was after the reconnection of the Air Circuits in Glastonbury that our acceptance of the existence of the alien agenda transformed into an objective, far-reaching and pre-eminent concern, a field of enquiry whose investigation was fundamental to our obligation within the context of the Template mandate and so we dived into the matter. We have since discovered much information, but the entire picture has not yet been revealed: there are many false memory inserts to deprogram and knots in time to undo. Total recall will require total reconnection to the ‘living’ truth through our own bio-computational awareness. The reconnection and integration of the 33rd Worldbridger Circuit is assisting us to identify the ‘spin’ that is being placed upon the account of our history, especially the various re-interpretations of Genesis. What we are clear about now is the connection between the modification of Human DNA, the disconnection of circuitry, the stabilization of a false time-space frequency experience and the extraterrestrial presence behind the agenda.

It was when we came across the works of Zechariah Sitchin and Laurence Gardner that we were able to put a name and an origin to the beings we met on the Mountain; the Annunaki. This name, according to Sitchin, is translated as ‘those who to Earth from heaven came’, the mother planetoid Nibiru being ‘heaven’. Time and again we were led by our collaborating Consciousness to the books of these authors: however, with each appeal to examine these versions of our drastically revised history and ancestry, came a resolute disclaimer, a strong warning that at the very core of the revelations was a dangerous, malevolent distortion that was designed to perpetuate the disempowerment of the Human race. We tuned in for more specific details and found that although we were not quite ready for the full picture, we did glean a major piece of misinformation that pertained to our original blueprint prior to our genetic modification and the splicing in of so-called ‘superior genes’.

Inevitably, the subject of Human DNA modification came up at every workshop. We were clear that the disconnection of circuitry was intrinsic to the modification of our genetic code and questions were always asked about the who, the when and the why. We did our best to give general answers, but also made a point of curtailing any long detailed discussions as there were blanks in our understanding.

One Easter weekend we held a Ceremony of Sacred Breath very near the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge. It was a powerful and focused group who were familiar with Sitchin’s ‘Earth Chronicles’. After the ceremony most of the group stayed behind to discuss his interpretation of the genesis story which is based on the Sumerian texts that were incorporated into the Old Testament version of Genesis, and which reveal the extraterrestrial identities of the ‘creator gods’ that much of Humanity has adopted as their true benefactors of life; gods that are widely recognised and worshiped by the predominant orthodox religions. Known by different names, they are identified in the Sumerian material as one entity, the Annunaki chieftain, Enlil.

It was late when we set off for the long drive home and we did not arrive until 1:00am. Zak was still awake, watching a film on his tiny portable television. We sat up with him until it was over, when a program that followed grabbed our attention. It was a series called ‘Phenomenon – The Lost Archives’. The first program in the sequence was called ‘Genesis Revisited’ and included pieces by archeologists, anthropologists, astronomers and linguists, with the emphasis on the work of Zechariah Sitchin. We were astounded to find ourselves watching this controversial program on mainstream television and I was glad to have Zak there with us to witness it. After the credits rolled Jiva and I sat in stunned silence before expressing our tired amazement and falling into bed. We lay in the darkness exhausted by the long, arduous and significant day, our bodies buzzing madly. As we breathed ourselves into relaxation, we were gently, but with clear insistence, informed that it had become our responsibility, as Template ambassadors, to procure this program and show it at our workshops. This transmission was followed with the now familiar warning that there were treacherous deceptions within the presentation and that we must do our utmost to discern them and to expose them to our groups. We fell asleep with a sense that we were moving closer to a more comprehensive and integrated phase of our ability to accumulate and share the whole Template model of transcendence.

The next day we began to chase down the Phenomenon program. I enlisted the help of our administrator and other people who were connected to the television industry. We all came up against a brick wall and the segments that were to follow in the series were cancelled. We speculated that whoever was in charge of late night TV had carelessly put on what they thought was another package of intriguing but innocuous documentaries, but when someone heard the words ‘genetically modified race’ the series was axed and buried. A couple of weeks later we were holding a small ceremony in Glastonbury and shared the story with our group. One of the women taking part told us that her son had intended to tape the movie that had been shown before the documentary, but her recorder had malfunctioned and taped the ‘Phenomenon’ program instead. A couple of days later a copy of it arrived in the mail. Later, our American administrator Margo was able to buy a DVD to send us.

For some time we had been studying the six volumes of Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles and his book entitled ‘Genesis Revisited’. Although we appreciated the life-time commitment that Sitchin has undoubtedly made to produce such a prodigious and comprehensive body of work, the minutely detailed and ceaselessly cross-referenced books repeated the same points again and again and were a chore to trawl through, their deeply alarming core revelations buried in mountains of data. However, the ‘Genesis Revisited’ program was a distilled and briskly edited compilation, covering a considerable amount of varied material in 40 minutes. Its credibility was supported by the various qualified professionals who presented their information with intelligibility and authority. It had a powerful effect on the groups of people who saw it, moving them at a profoundly archaic level. The reactions in the early days were dramatic; some people wept with remembrance and relief, feeling that their unconscious knowing was verified, others were surprised and shocked, but there was always somehow a sense of relief that the alien under the carpet had finally been identified.

We continued to deliver our disclaimer, a disclaimer that over time became more defined and more disquieting. To begin with, we had felt that the evidence presented by Sitchin and the growing number of others proposing various ‘Interventionist’ theories, were, in good faith, attempting to illuminate the true origins of the Human race. Later, after the fourth ceremony of reconnection to Source, it was to become evident that these revelations were being presented knowingly or unknowingly with a specific ‘spin’. Once again, Humanity was being dangerously misled about its origins.

The body of evidence that has been unveiled by the eminent scholars of many disciplines who are prominent in the Interventionism arena is intended to show that the ‘gods’ of the Old Testament are, in fact, extraterrestrial colonizers and, furthermore, that we owe them a vote of thanks for our present state of ‘elevated’ existence. The deception to which we had been alerted is not about the existence of these extraterrestrials, but in the claim that they were our benefactors, the creator-gods of the Human race, who genetically engineered a slave workforce for their mining operation by splicing their superior genes with the DNA of the primitive hairy ape-like beings, which, they maintain, inhabited Earth at that time. Also deceptive is the story of their ‘accidental’ arrival in our solar system.

Insights into their true agenda on Earth came to us as we received the Temple of Time Ceremony code, geometry and circuit points. The information was actually hidden in the ‘Genesis Revisited’ program, but we were not able to discern it until we had the Temple of Time co-ordinates. With every viewing of this documentary, more and more levels were revealed to us and to our core group of Template Ambassadors. It seemed that the reconnected circuitry was awakening authentic organic points of reference that enabled us to break the spell and uncover the fraud. With each viewing of the documentary more was unveiled as our programming was undermined by the energetic truth of creation.

The enslavement and genocide that continues to be perpetrated upon many of Earth’s people has been systematically contrived by the removal of the knowledge of our ancestry, history, language and thus, identity. On an all encompassing scale, this program of subjugation and manipulation has been carried out upon the entire Human race in our current paradigm, and the versions of Interventionism that are being revealed at this time are perpetuating the program as we continue to be fed a false history.

At the core of these revelations are the Old Testament accounts of our genesis. For time out of mind these texts have been recognized and accepted by Judaism and its branch, Christianity, as a common denominator of true ancestral history; a history whose implicit fundamentalism has been translated globally as a dominant principle of ubiquitous patriarchal religious indoctrination. The Genesis story has been left long enough now to steep in the Human psyche in order to breed its program of shame, guilt and belief in the doctrine of original sin. It is now known to be an abbreviated and misleading version of a fuller rendition of Earth and Humanity’s beginnings, deriving from Sumerian cuneiform texts, a story that has been translated through the mythos of major religions.

However, amongst the recent proliferation of scholarly and popular works purporting to throw new light on Humanity’s history, a so called ‘lost chronicle’, said to have been unearthed out of the Mesopotamian and Syrian deserts, is now being presented as the true story of Human genesis.
In order to further the plans of the Annunaki, the existing, relatively homogenized program of ‘god’ and ‘heaven’ must now be expanded upon. It is now inevitably time for the tactical revelation that the ‘god’ worshiped as an omnipotent benefactor, the giver and taker of life on Earth, is a member of a technologically superior extraterrestrial race. The timing of the ‘discovery’ of the ‘hidden secrets’ of our past has been exactly arranged to suit this specific phase within the Annunaki breeding program which is soon to accelerate. Nibiru, the planetoid headquarters of the Annunaki, the Planet X reported to have been identified in 2000, is coming into close proximity to Earth and Humanity is now being prepared for its arrival.

In the documentation of our history as upgraded apes who have their Annunaki ‘benefactors’ to thank for our advanced state of ‘civilization’, not once is it mentioned that this so called civilized world cannot feed its own children and is on a path of terminal decline. These writings cite our age of technological development, our capacity for space flight and genetic engineering as the legacy of our Annunaki genes and the measure of our progress, never once mentioning that our planet is in the grip of widespread war and genocide, that the insanity of pedophilia is rampant, that the African people continue to be mercilessly annihilated by a plague manufactured for the purpose, leaving orphans who have nowhere to lay their heads. Our seas and rivers are contaminated daily, our forests casually leveled for the raising of cattle sacrificed to sustain the addiction to flesh and for growing tobacco to inhibit our sacred breath. Is this the ‘civilization’ for which we should be so thankful?

It is non-symbiotic Annunaki genes, spliced time and again into the original masterpiece of the divine Human blueprint, that has caused us to veer off the path of conscious evolution into this heartless nightmare of so-called advancement. It is the Annunaki gene code that drives us to solve conflict with murder, to rape children to satiate the festering sexual insanity born of the disconnection between the heart and the divine procreative centers. It is the Annunaki consciousness that riddles and plagues our literature and film with endless scenarios of cop shows and serial killers. The around-the-clock transmission of negative dramas and loveless, abusive pornography is beamed through our homes and our bodies by satellite broadcasts that saturate our airspace, incessantly stimulating the reptilian brain and triggering adrenal toxicity. Our obsession with death is their legacy, for it is they who brought to Earth not the seed of life, but the obscenity of death.

The unveiling of the Annunaki story at this time is intended to compensate for and override the acceleration of light information and the opening of the 2012 portal of evolutionary opportunity; to expedite our cooperation in their desire to gain not only total control over our planet and our race but to gain entry into the very recesses of our Soul Covenant, our symbiotic relationship with light within the solar system. They want Earth for their home.

To this end they have been carrying out an extensive breeding program over a long period of time, a program that has required splicing and re-splicing the Human gene code over and over again to create a biological compatibility that would allow for the Annunaki consciousness to interface with not only the environment, but also to become part of the symbiosis of the whole solar system. This has also required an agenda of time-travel to create varied influences that would bend and sculpt the false memory inserts and deep subliminal programming of Humanity through the insertion of erroneous archetypes parading as deified entities. These programs instill, through mass religious hypnosis, the pseudo-spiritual hype that annuls individual sovereignty, triggering and stabilizing pathological obedience.

And so the sons of ‘god’ ‘mated’ with the daughters of Eve, spliced themselves into our hearts, bodies and minds, to see through our eyes and feel through our emotions. Will this agenda work? Take a look at Mars for your answer. There, exhibited on the devastated landscape, is the manifestation of the inability of the Annunaki to interface with an ecosystem that is incompatible with their genes and mirrors their inability to absorb and utilize the coded Intelligence present in the quality of light that informs and compels our solar system. Ultimately, this agenda will result in the subsequent loss of eco-symbiosis that could eventually wipe out the Human race and its Mother planet.

The Annunaki do not have the Soul Covenant, the blueprint that would grace them with the capacity to absorb, translate, utilize and transmit the intelligence which defines the masterpiece of the Human design and its function as an alchemical component of conscious evolution within the entire solar system.

The major religions that are used as the chief and crucial behavior-modifying tools of consciousness control have, at their center, the punishment-reward system, a system that triggers compliance and conformity. ‘In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth’. Heaven; liberation, freedom, paradise, a promise of a future prize for good behavior, as you might promise a child a treat for obedience, a reward of deliverance bestowed only after the slow deterioration of our weak and sinful flesh, only after death. We search for self-realization and bliss beyond the very sacred enclosures in which they exist, the meaning of God stolen from the realization of it in every simple astounding breath and commandeered by the individual supremacy of a savior, a redeemer, who listens with a censoring ear to our pleas, our prayers, for a morsel of joy, a momentary cessation of suffering in this mutant realm of ‘His’ creation. Heaven, of course, could not be here – could it? Here, on this emerald-blue planet of stunning grace and eloquent expression, in her fragrant blooms, her cooling pools of water, rushing rivers, seas and oceans, fecund forests and jungles, in her supportive solid earth and soft sweet air. Could heaven be hidden in the tantric potencies of our bodies, made to love, to create? Is heaven to be found out of our bodies in some ambiguous cryptic state?

The intention of the Annunaki is that we will integrate into, or be overwhelmed by, their genes. Perhaps there will be a massive culling to this end. Then they would take Earth for the heaven
that it is, but cannot so remain in their possession.

There are those whose life work has been to reveal the Interventionist information in order to assist Humanity and there are those who are working to sustain the wardenship of the Annunaki over the mortal prison they have crafted through frequency control. There may well be threats to those who have taken up the task of revealing the most malignant deception ever perpetrated upon Humanity.

To harness support for the atrocity committed by the Annunaki against Humanity, a ‘good cop, bad cop’ scenario is being aggressively perpetuated along with the tale. The story is told that there are two ‘royal’ Annunaki brothers responsible for the creation and breeding of Humanity as a hybrid slave race; one bad and one… not exactly good… but apparently not quite so bad! Enlil is the more ruthless brother and Enki is the master ‘creator’ geneticist who is now sorry for the part he played in the manipulation of Humanity. His move to save the hybrids from total annihilation by commanding Uta-napishtim of Ur, the biblical ‘Noah’ to build the ‘Ark’ and preserve the gene pool is being cited as proof of his big-heartedness. The Ark story only stands up if it can be believed that the myriad assortment of life forms from all the continents could have been gathered, fed and preserved on one wooden boat and kept from attacking each other. It is more likely that, in the event of Earth’s inundation, DNA samples were retained for reseeding, as is suggested in Sumerian texts. It is hard to see the trees of truth in such a forest of lies, especially as total recall of sequential continuity has been diverted through time travel, endless memory inserts and the undermining of our sovereignty via the inserts of false archetypes that usurped Humanity’s inherent knowledge of its origins.

In this era of transformation inspired by the stars, with the intensification of the Aquarian Ahau awakening codes pulsing through our neighborhood, the mask of ‘god’ is slipping. In the light of the acceleration of conscious evolution that has been activated by the new intensity of creative data present in the bands of photonic intelligence radiating through our solar system, there are many who are not going to swallow the spin. The revelations designed to introduce us to our ‘benefactors of life’, the patrons to whom we owe our ‘upgrade’, have instead revealed the pseudo-divine prototypes that have been transliterated into religion as manipulative imposters: God impersonators.

This usurpation of the position of Creative Benevolence within the minds and hearts of Humanity is possible only because we are a stolen race on a stolen planet. Most of our electromagnetic circuitry is switched off, the greater part of our genetic propensities modified. Thus we have been disengaged from the divine immortal continuum, from Source. Without its connection to the Heart of the Cosmos, Humanity is orphaned and disoriented, searching blindly for a point of spiritual reference in order to know itself and evolve.

This jewel, our Earth, is the manifestation of the ultimate confluence of Source Consciousness, realizing a perfect interference pattern of spirit and matter; a stargate through which the undifferentiated potencies of creation finds tender birth into time and space in order to experience relationship. It is prime real-estate and the Annunaki want to call it home. It cannot be fought for but it can be retrieved; not through any battlefield but through the unified field – through the resurrection of the divine Human blueprint.

With the reconnection of circuitry, you instigate an acceleration of electromagnetic Source Consciousness into this time-space frequency zone, undermining the present predominant fear-based, conflict-riddled world structure simply by being; each one of you adding a fractal of consciousness to the required critical mass of the new paradigm hologram. This will create, ultimately, a stable resonant field of evolutionary opportunity to transcend the mortal paradigm.       Juliet Carter, Chapter 20, Worldbridger.

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