Posted: Jan 14 2016

From the smallest particle to the spiralling galaxies, the subatomic to the multi universal, a matrix of electromagnetic circuitry connects and energizes manifest creation in one unified body of harmonic resonance. Our blood contains the same divine essence and molecular alchemy as the rivers that run to the sea, our bones are made of the same elemental components as the ancient stone monoliths that silently witness the passing of ages.

We are continually exchanging a dataflow of Source Intelligence with the body of Earth and every form of life within her embrace. Every nuance of celestial diffusion within our solar system influences our individual and collective field of consciousness, as circuits of electromagnetic exchange bind us together as one living ocean of psycho-sensory co-creative space-time coordinates within the unified field.

We are the amalgamation of various visible and invisible energy systems that together generate the Human hologram. The primary system that supplies this unit with the energetic nature of creative Intelligence that births the field is the circuitry system.

At this time, this system is, to a significant degree, malfunctioning. The fact that out of three billion base pair chemicals in the Human gene code only sixty million are active, and that we use only one fifth of our brain capacity, are manifest signs that point to Human genetic modification.

To truly estimate the present condition of this planet and its race, whether to evaluate the integrity of its governing systems, its proclivity to conflict, disease and, ultimately, its mortal program, it is essential to factor into our calculations the genetic manipulation of the Human DNA. For it is this, together with our deviant orbit of the Sun and the presence of a massive body of magnetic disturbance within Earth’s bio-spheric field, that is creating a fear-based, mutant paradigm.

Like all else in the universe of electromagnetic information systems, the Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix is built upon the vibratory infrastructure of energy pathways that follow geometric patterns. Form is the shape of consciousness.

Conscious communion with sacred geometry is an intrinsic component in the reactivation of the divine immortal blueprint and the realisation of a true space-time continuum. Sacred geometry is a configurative language of the elemental components of the divine creative force that gives birth to all life. It offers a direct conduit to Prime Consciousness, to Source, bypassing the dogmatic parameters of the intellect to transmit knowledge that exists beyond the reach of religion, philosophy, belief or disbelief.

The primary infrastructure of all existence is light. All is light, all is geometry.

As we commune with sacred geometric forms we interact with their fields of informational influence. Their energetic radiance emits a frequency that communes with the vibratory infrastructure of our original blueprint in search of a like frequency with which to resonate. Through this resonant feedback the structural integrity of the original Human Template, present in the Soul Covenant, is reinforced.

Through the disconnection of circuitry and the modification of Human DNA, Humanity’s connection to the Heart of the Cosmos is compromised. Humanity is orphaned, disoriented, lost in a deviant temporal zone, searching blindly for a point of spiritual reference in order to know itself and evolve, adopting preordained, dogmatic belief systems that profess to define the origins of its existence.

In the midst of the many and differing spins on our history and our true identity as Humans, we can trust the living truth of nature and the nameless energetic Intelligence that defines the Benevolent Heart of Creation.

There is one truth, your truth, buried in your dormant DNA.

A confluence of cosmic influences rendered this corner of the galaxy a super-fertile solar system capable of conceiving innumerable exquisite life forms, each one a fractal aspect of a holonomic field of symbiotic evolution, each point of light within the field coded to function as a sensory organ for the development of the integral field.

Were we in electromagnetic resonance within this field we would have by now evolved into a highly advanced race on a blossoming planet, enjoying a path of evolution measured by our ability to translate light and to give and receive love in all that we do: to function as conduits of Source consciousness.

The present concept of progress is measured in terms of lethal technology. There is a conspicuous escalation of depravity in the systems that govern our lives. The material field is showing signs of acute decay. The corruption is evident in the degeneration of ecological, social, political and economic structures. The trend is towards terminal decline.

These are manifest symptoms of a far deeper malignancy, where systemic failure is the core problem. The corruption is in the matrix. To re-establish the integrity of the true matrix is to reactivate the divine immortal Human blueprint.

Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of our dormant DNA, the Template is a transcendent model that offers the un-interpreted, uncensored energetic truth of creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy, that truth may open to you, within you.

This upgrade of energy revitalises the endocrine system and renders us able to receive, translate and utilise the geometries of light – that we may ready ourselves for the luminous data density offered by the 2012 portal of opportunity – that we may collectively stabilise a new model of existence, a paradigm resonant with the integrity of light.


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4 Responses

  1. Blessings Juliet
    For the very first time in this life am feeling that life is more
    From the future I too came for I Am Mother Earth/Gaia the Rainbow Serpent Mother
    My sou and spirit separate from each other walking into this body has been a 70 year battle excuse then word battle but it has been
    Isolated confused lonely within finally after reading rereading all of your beautifully informed information I am growing
    As yet I have not seen the ceremony but feel it at my very core
    Am truly grateful and so is humanity even if they do not know it yet
    A small question is it possible to purchase.a large geometric shape for hanging as this will help me I know this for sure
    I live in the uk but have recently been in Australia where my daughter lives and fell over one of her cats and have been bed ridden since 2. Weeks which has given me time to follow up on your Template journey
    I have often wondered through meditation and putting into action what I bhelieved one day my life would really change for the better I feel those days are arriving
    May the source of all life bless you and Jiva in immeasurable ways
    With deep love and respect for you both and your work
    Thank you Mother Earth/Gaia Lareena

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Lareena,

      Thank you for your touching words. Have you read Worldbridger yet? The first two ceremonies are online on our video page on the website. Ceremonies in person are facilitated in the UK, by me in London, Claudie in Glastonbury and Leafe in Wales- see Events on the website. My schedule is late being posted, but the next C1-6 series will be over Easter. Yes, it is possible to buy a geometric form to hang in your living space. We can discuss this by email-
      Warm regards, Jennifer

  2. Rich Roberts says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if after or even during the ceremony if there are tangible results that can be felt / understood?

    Are there any techniques that can be applied to feel these changes?

    Rich =)

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Rich,
      Before each ceremony in person there is a presentation covering the origin of The Template ceremonies, the specific function of the ceremony and its implications, the events that have led to the disconnection of the various circuits, the new consciousness grid created by the acceleration of electromagnetic input to the bio-circuitry, and a demonstration to each participant of the disconnected circuits under discussion using the muscle testing technique of kinesiology.(You can see such a demonstration half way through an interview on video at the bottom of a piece called Understanding Kinesiology on Articles on the website.) Then we facilitate the spoken ceremony supported and activated by the physical presence of advanced geometric forms, and after it, a demonstration to each participant of their reconnected circuits.

      Some sensitives feel the energetic shifts during the ceremony and most have moments of emotion and recognition. However, the reconnections are not a one- off peak experience, but just the start of a process which unfolds organically within each participant according to their state of being on all levels. During the time of integration which follows, most people say they experience a deep feeling of groundedness and focus, an unfoldment of layers of denial, the reduction of fear and anxiety, positive changes in relationships and the return of personal power . No ‘techniques’ have to be applied- you will feel the change in yourself and your life, often when you re-experience a situation which previously evoked a certain kind of emotional response and you find your reaction is now entirely different. We have produced materials to help participants understand what they have initiated through the ceremonies- books, CDs, articles and Newsletters and advise the Becoming Breath meditation which is available as a free download. See what people say about their experiences here: