LUNACY: Chapter 22, Worldbridger

Posted: Mar 26 2015


ON OUR FIRST VISIT TO CALIFORNIA to introduce the completed Foundation Ceremony a massacre had just taken place at Columbine High School. Jerry Falwell, who is considered to be the ‘Father of Christianity’ by the American people, was being interviewed on the six o’clock news.

“Why did these children murder their classmates?” he was asked. His answer was short,

“Because Humans are inherently evil.”

This monumental statement with its abysmal implications reached out to and reinforced the bedrock of guilt and shame that is the foundation of religiously propagated programs of disempowerment. The interview was aired every hour on the hour for days. The magnitude of its meaning oppressed the already despondent spirit of the people, its interpretation echoed in the hearts and minds of America’s mothers and fathers as they put their children to bed and wondered with hopelessness at the seed of evil that, according to their prophet and spiritual mediator, lay behind the innocent faces of their progeny. If this last frontier of their love and faith could be so debased, what was left? Waves of depression washed across the continent and rose in swells of desolation to pulsate through the morphogenetic grid of the collective global consciousness.

This form of frequency modulation uses an ‘Orwellian’ dark alchemy of religion, politics and the established authority of mainstream media to reinforce the psycho-social consensus that entrenches the desired prejudices of those in power. This perfidious program of consciousness manipulation is very effective as the drip-feed of continuous catastrophe, privation and torment that ravages most of the world is conveniently home-delivered via the state sanctioned media.

The psycho-social, political, chemical, electromagnetic and religious manipulation of consciousness that bombards this Earth and her people every minute of every day is a monstrous, forceful and convincing contributor to the constant fuelling of the fear-based consensus that keeps the world hostage to the frequency transmissions of its own thoughts and feelings. However, it is not enough to control and contain the bio-computational complexity and genius that is the Human masterpiece. If these modes of consciousness control, as well as the manipulation of DNA and the disconnection of circuitry, were all that held us in this mutant time-space confinement we would soon break free from them. Our intrinsic resonance with our Sun, the celestial nuances of the planets in our solar system and the radiant song of the star-bejeweled night would inflame our spirits, infuse our Soul Covenant with light and awaken us from this sleep of dark ages. The Earth herself would throw off this irritation of pollution like a flea from her back and shake free her body from the tarmac and concrete confinement that insults her. The rivers, oceans and sea would cleanse themselves, as the poisons that now befoul them would simply shift a molecule here, an atom there, to come into alignment with the acceleration of light Intelligence breaking through the surface of Earth’s waters.

But there is another factor to be reckoned with. There is a monumental presence of manipulation and control that dwarfs the interference of the parasites that plague our planet; a presence that disturbs and disorganizes the Intelligence encoded into the light of our Sun, disarranging our symbiosis with it, occluding its ability to nurture and advance our evolution. The presence of this monolithic watchdog that distorts the cosmic influences which would otherwise draw Earth into the holography of the eternal continuum became apparent to us on June 8th, 2004 during the Venus – Sun alignment.

We were in Bali at the time. We had an uninterrupted panoramic view of the Sun as it neared the clear horizon that cloud-free late afternoon. We lived in the district of Penestanan, the highest tract of land above Ubud and the outlying area. As it was higher than any of the many temples that surrounded it, the Balinese felt it was disrespectful to their gods to live there. To us, the elevation was its most positive aspect. As we sat on our tiny uncovered deck that rose above every other structure, we felt we were floating above the planet itself as we awaited the alignment. Venus moved slowly across the face of the Sun, the planet a minuscule dark dot backlit by the brilliance of the Sun.

It was not the visual aspect of the event that was so compelling; it was the confluence of communion between Earth, Venus and our Sun that jolted a distant memory within the cerebral cortex, wherein lay all the forgotten knowledge of our symbiotic kinship withthe planets that orbit within the embrace of our central star. Geometric light-grids spin a web of shared coherence between these celestial bodies, an ever present light-matrix that revealed itself at that moment, as the potency of the alignment blocked the interference from the otherwise constant hindrance of a monitoring satellite that routinely distorts the geometry of the light Intelligence which is the language of celestial communion between these planets and their galactic mediator…the Sun.

There was no immediate instant flash of realization regarding the relevance of this event to the stratum of circuitry which was soon to be made known to us. There was, however, a quickening in the core of our beings and we knew, without reservation, that we had witnessed an event coded to prompt our download of the Temple of Time ceremony, its geometry and sonic code. As the Temple of Time circuitry concerns the convergence of electromagnetic potentials creating patterns of manifestation in specific time-lines, this grand celestial event was a perfect catalyst to activate our recall.

A few days later, at full moon, we prepared ourselves for the download, fasting and avoiding all social input. We greeted the sunset in an open reflective state, sitting in the upstairs room that opened out, through glass sliding doors, to an uncovered deck which jutted over the garden and the rice fields that reached to the jungle horizon. The room opened on three sides from floor to ceiling to the giant ferns and palm trees that encircled the house. Elegant mauve blossoms dripped from the vines that had taken hold in the grass roof to dangle in tresses of green around the room. Nestled in the corner was an altar arranged around a large shallow stone basin filled with water. Miniature violet water lilies floated among the amethyst and tourmaline crystals and the delicate opal-hued seashells arranged around a silver Star of Immortality that rose from the center of the basin. Tea lights under-lit the altar in soft amber, the whole array sheltered under an ornate Balinese parasol.

Around us, night fell fast, as it does in the tropics and, as the violet vista of the horizon that almost encircled us deepened into darkest indigo, we kept pace with the transitioning energies as we focused on our breath and allowed it to merge our consciousness with the mercurial lightshow. There was a marked absence of the tension and anxiety that usually accompanied a journey of such import and we found ourselves relaxing into and relishing the adventure. The zillion insects of the night intoned a trance-inducing cacophony that coalesced with the gamelan perpetually playing in one village or another. The night held the heady intoxicant of night-blooming jasmine. In the garden a candle created dancing shadows in the pagoda that sat in the frog-filled lotus pond. Although we were fully aware of our commission to advance our understanding of the next layer of circuitry, the night was so captivating that we spent several hours simply being, melting into the night with light bodies and easy breath.

By the time that the moon, full and buzzing, had reached mid-dome of the cathedral night, our bodies were thrumming with high oxygen energy. We moved away from the candlelit altar out to the uncovered deck that was awash in neon-bright full-moon light. As this curtain of brightness cascaded around us I felt suddenly conscious of a mild paranoia whose source I could not trace. We dropped into a sober state; it seemed the night itself chastised us for our joy.

We shared with each other our recognition of the altered ambience and wondered what had changed. Perhaps we were being asked to focus more intently upon the information we had set out to retrieve? On the bed we had made on the small deck, we lay flat on our backs to stare into the zenith of the night, the stars that were strewn across the sky now overcome by the moon. Steeping our bodies in deep rhythmic breath, we let the silence take us.

My eyelids became heavy: a dense magnetism pinned my body to the bed. I closed my eyes and in the darkness felt an unpleasant opiate-like sedation overcome my limbs. The dragging of time marched through my mind in a mechanical syncopation. At some point the background of the insect orchestra was overridden by mental static that tuned in and out of differing channels of chatter, broken conversations of useless gossip and commercial jingles that polluted the airwaves. Playing in my mind’s eye was a morphing cartoon-like video game, both comic and violent. I had wandered into a layer of thought frequency, a scum-like consciousness, oily, moronic and pointless, coating my mind with a sense of futility. My heart hurt. Opening my eyes to escape this astral-like realm my gaze was caught by the neon globe that stared down at us. With a ragged intake of breath I uttered something we Humans are prone to exclaim when confronted by something unexpected:

”Oh my God!”

“What?” from Jiva, jolted out of his own state of half-dreaming.

“It’s the moon”, I said.

There have been many times in the progressive revelation of the Template body of knowledge when I felt overwhelmed by the information I received: never more so than now. My mouth seemed unacquainted with my mind as words ran from my lips like lemmings off a cliff. My mind was not the only faculty left out of this loop of understanding as my emotions bucked at the implications of these words that I spoke into the night. ‘What heresy is this?’ some part of me demanded: another part came into grateful resonance. In the light of the realization that washed over me, a parasite of deceit was plucked from my heart; its long sucking tentacles had penetrated and raided my every living day, as it held on for dear life.

What I shared with Jiva that night was not the refined understanding that still grows in us today, but even in its raw state it was enough; enough to know that what we believed to be our ‘moon’ is a frequency-modulating device that stabilizes the restraining field of the mutant mortal paradigm.

Juliet Carter, Chapter 22, Worldbridger

4 Responses

  1. Susan Terry says:

    This is magnificent… I cannot believe I have not heard of The Template and The Sound of Time: Worldbridger Phi-sonic Resonance until now. Viewing the video and scanning through your website has articulated, elucidated and clarified many events and considerations I have experienced throughout my life. The visuals are very similar to what I witnessed in a powerful vision dream, several years ago.

    I often wondered about the Moon and its reflective nature, and considered perhaps it is filled with nano-bots to control the Earth, as it has such a powerful impact on the emotional-mental state of humans.

    I am launching an education platform that was inspired in grade one, when it became evident to me that something was amiss in how we were being controlled, contrived and stifled from moving and developing as Creative, Conscious Beings.

    I would love to include this magnificent understanding within the curriculum that is designed to guide children to discover who and what they truly are as Divine Cosmic Conscious Beings moving in peace and rhythmic harmony as One.

    Please point me in the appropriate direction to elaborate and communicate the intention and determine the potentiality of such a venture.

    Susan Terry
    Founder, Director of PEACE School

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Susan, The information we impart about the moon is during Ceremony 5 of the Template series which can only be attended in person with one of our ambassadors. (See Events on the website.) We supply participants with links and references after attending- there is a lot of information now being disseminated about our mysterious spaceship moon. For a start, there is a book by Don Wilson called exactly that which is available as a PDF. The information received by Juliet Carter does not come from research sources but since the revelation described in LUNACY we have come across a lot of interesting materials. You can email us to receive some of these links if you wish, although I doubt we could be of any active assistance with your project in your school. I also suggest that you read the whole of Worldbridger and experience the first Template ceremony, the only one so far on interactive DVD, online- see our video page, and share it far and wide.

      • Susan Terry says:

        Dear Jennifer
        Thank you for your rapid response. I am very interested in the links to any and all resources. I will definitely share this far and wide… I have already posted The Sound of Time video on my FB page.

        It’s good to know there are others on the planet who share this Universal wisdom.

        Peace & Harmony
        Susan Terry

        • Jennifer says:

          Hi Susan, I should just make clear that the first Template ceremony which RECONNECTS 12 FOUNDATION CIRCIUTS, PERMANENTLY, is called Original Innocence. Please do share it widely! The Template and the Sound of Time does not reconnect circuity permanently- information about that DVD/ CD/ Booklet set is on the webite. It is not available on line although some wellwishers have circulated extracts.