Posted: Mar 17 2016

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Communion with Divine Consciousness flows
through our understanding of cosmic order.

Our Sun is the ultimate form of holistic consciousness, the gateway to the heart of the cosmic hologram. Having now passed through the portal into a new era, our challenge is to translate and embody the source code embedded in light and to collectively generate a manifest reality established on the frequency of love: a paradigm that reflects the true Tantra of Creation rather than the mutant matrix that generates this dualistic, fear based reality.

The need for a new paradigm is not fully recognized, accepted, and acted upon until the corruption of all aspects of the existing model are perceived, and the true nature extent and consequences of the crisis is understood.

A new paradigm cannot be actualized from the intellectual abstraction of a dualistic interpretation of a better world built on the infrastructure of the existing mutant matrix. Attempting to solve problems at the level at which they are manifesting creates a better problem rather than a solution.
As you awaken to the full extent of the crisis humanity is experiencing, you will begin to appreciate the absolute necessity to affect the fountainhead from which the matrix is generated.

The present paradigm is collectively established by the oscillating transmissions of several billion brain wave patterns, and their environmental, visual, audible feedback as a reality that validates the mutant state of the human DNA.

The Template is identifying a solution that exists beyond the level at which the entropy of this paradigm is operating, affecting the core corruption from which the self-sabotaging behavioral patterns have been programmed through genetic modification, a solution that will affect the fulcrum point at which this lunacy is being generated.

The reconnection of circuitry is a fundamental phase that ultimately renders the Human bio-computer user- friendly with the Source Code of our Sun, resurrecting our ability to directly assimilate the photonic intelligence that is the prime animator of our full divine blueprint: a holonomic model that utilizes sacred geometry as the language of that blueprint and activates our ability as worldbridgers, to fractally reconstruct transcendent realms.

The Template model of transcendence is a model that is calibrated to the holography of the universe and the prime animating forces of creation, and as such instigates a process of re-integration within a holistic space-time continuum through the reconnection of the bio-circuits that re-implicate the Human field into the Solar, Galactic, and Universal holography.

The new paradigm cannot be interpreted and determined as an intellectually analyzed theory. It needs to be energetically consolidated through the various holonomic systems that individually comprise the Human hologram and which collectively manifests the morphogenetic field. The new paradigm will be a living frequency returned to the only instrument of which we can experience the truth of creation- our bodies.


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