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“For the last couple of months I have been inundated with letters from those going through extreme entity interference, not only through FB but also from those we know and hear from through email and from direct contact in the various communities we travel through. For various reasons I have not been able to completely focus on a way to help other than to offer emotional support and direct people to those who I trust to assist them in person.

However, Jiva and I have felt that a Ceremonial Template Code to expel entities would become apparent at some point. This Code can also be used at any time to protect you from any unwanted influence.

We are not only incredibly relieved but also elated as we have offered this Clearing and Protecting Code to several people. One person was undergoing such extreme entity invasion she could barely carry on. Both her entities were expelled immediately.

This Ceremony is to be done in the mirror, making sure you are able to see deeply into your eyes. If you do not have someone to hold the space and speak the Code for you it is still entirely do-able.

Record the code leaving spaces to say it yourself. You will know for yourself whether you want to proceed alone or wait until you can be partnered.

Depending on what you are dealing with it may be difficult to make eye contact AND to hold it. Persevere! You may also see your features morph as the entity begins to be revealed… don’t panic to the point of stopping. Stay with your breath and continue, even confronting and addressing the entity. You may find one eye more difficult to hold than the other. This is due to the sex of the entity and/or the issue you carry around male or female influence in your past.

To begin with it is advisable to use the code at least twice. It can be used daily to stay clear and grounded… especially if you are going through a challenging period.
Post Ceremony you may feel tired and shaken… have a shower and chill out.” – Juliet Carter


Begin by observing your face, breathing deeply, rhythmically and consciously while watching how your face responds to being seen.

Stay conscious of your breath.

You will find that at a point, observer and the observed merge as the internal authentic Self connects beyond the facade of the face that has been sculpted throughout your life as you learned to protect yourself.

Stay conscious of your breath.

As you connect beyond the betrayal and loss and heartbreak, you move beyond the layer of your external identity reference and connect to your Self.

Breathe with yourself…as your Self.

Begin making eye contact…breathe consciously as you do so. Move from one eye to the other until full connection flows and feels comfortable.

Stay with your breath as you focus into the 3rd eye area.

Continue a relaxed conscious breath at a comfortable level of intensity as you are now about to begin the spoken code.


Say each of the first two stanzas, one at a time,
into each eye, and then into the 3rd eye.

With each breath I connect
to the causal ocean of potential
that is the constant of life eternal.

With each breath I connect
to the elemental alchemy
of the natural world
as my living creed.

Then say all that follows into the 3rd eye.

With each breath I recalibrate
with my Soul’s covenant with light,
the vow between spirit and matter
That maintains my sentient sovereignty.

As a fractal aspect of primordial awareness
that has manifested as my incarnate presence
birthed in order to calibrate
with the Source Code of light
I affirm my sentient sovereignty.

With each breath I liberate
my psycho-sensory identity
from all forms of external interference
that attempt to influence
my quintessential self.

I renounce, denounce and expel from my field
any interference from all forms
of external agendas and energetic influences
that interfere with my covenant
with the love and truth
encrypted in every ray of light
and my identity as a sovereign,
sensory instrument,
able to give and receive love in all that I do.

Juliet Carter – The Template –

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7 Responses

  1. osessica Acisseso says:

    thank you for this
    there are many people that i know who could use this

    many thanks

  2. chrissie says:

    Dear All-Ones,

    I had eye visual problems, I would call it, for 1 year. It started when I had to teach refugees our language.
    Something happened to me. Since then I need glasses to read black on white ink…
    I will do this ceremony and see what it does.
    Thank you so much.
    Chrissie from Berlin

  3. Be wonderful to meet. Be great to speak. Thank you!!!
    With love and gratitude from the heart of my soul,

    • Jennifer says:

      FYI, Ambassador Margo Brooks does Template ceremonies in USA, Rhonda- her details are on Events on The Template website. I hope you meet with her some day!

      • I live in Wales!!! I am blessed and have received 1 and 2. I am on my way!!!! Thank you Jennifer and when I go home to see my mom be great for us to meet!!!! xxx

        • SvenD Portal says:

          Love the Template and have journey all 16 tr tr tr Transformations – I’m healing my inner child with my star man Tribute and creative work.
          Would love to connect with more Template people.
          I live in Blaenycoed in Carmarthenshire in Wales, UK.
          I love the Template.