Posted: Jun 16 2016

Conscious Original Innocence Tantric Matrixcommunion with sacred geometry is a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary wakening.

In seeking illumination on the higher physics of creation, in order to understand the mechanism that govern the implicate order of all manifest existence and to realise the full Human potential within this whole system of holonomic evolution, we find ourselves in the    realm of sacred geometry.

The Human DNA code, like all else in the living universe, is built upon hyper-cooperative, interactive energy pathways of ultra-organised, creative intelligence. This creation code is the intelligent patterning of information that spells out the gift of creation specific to the complete Human blueprint. The various octaves that make up this harmonic code have been donated by many sentient sovereign beings from many far-flung star systems that gave of their genetics in a time of peace that was sealed with the symbol of the bird.

Embedded in the Human matrix, out of reach of any form of manipulation, the Covenant that is the soul blueprint is written in the sacred geometric language of light. The primary infrastructure of all existence is light. All is light…all is geometry.

As sacred geometry is a configurative language of the elemental components of the divine creative force that gives birth to all life, it offers a direct conduit to Prime Consciousness…to Source, bypassing the dogmatic perimeters of the intellect to transmit knowledge that exists beyond the reach of religion, philosophy, belief or disbelief. Sacred Geometry is pure language that cares not for the country you come from, the colour of your skin or your cultural beliefs. It seeks only to unify humanity by exposing the interrelating harmony that lies at the heart of our creation.

As we interact with sacred geometric forms, we are communing with the higher creation frequencies that resonate with our original blueprint, prior to genetic modification of the Human DNA.

Juliet Carter & Jiva Carter

The Template: A Holonomic Model of Transcendence

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