Become The Portal

Posted: Aug 3 2012

The December Solstice draws near in this year 2012, marking the culmination of a great cycle that is simultaneously a new beginning, creating a window of opportunity… a portal that is being organically orchestrated by the holonomic symbiosis of evolution.

become the portalThe coming recalibration of Earth as She aligns with the holistic continuum has not been instigated by those who have intervened in our evolution, labelling various global catastrophes reported in all religious doctrines as punishments perpetrated by the ‘gods’ for misbehaviour, as they cover up their failed experiments on the Human race. A portal that has evolved from the Prime Organising Principle energetically emanating from the galactic core, this astronomical event does not mark an anomalous catastrophe resulting from the disarrangement of the original design of the planets in our solar system, nor is it relevant to the religious programming of shame and guilt that has historically rationalized the global genocide that is being prophesied. Ultimately, the propensity for true evolution upon this planet and within the entire solar system is far beyond the influences of the god- impersonators who would have you believe this to be a time of damnation, repentance, salvation, atonement.

However, the significance of this alignment goes beyond the cycles of cosmic order eternally spiralling within the true holistic continuum. For Earth, this alignment holds the promise of liberation. The displacement of the planets within our solar system, including the destruction of Maldek and the introduction of foreign satellites which scramble the data embedded in the light of our Sun, have rendered Earth a stolen planet functioning in a deviant temporal zone. Although the coming alignment will not create an immediate reintegration into the holistic continuum, it will activate the capacity of Earth and Her inhabitants to ultimately realise their place within the integrity of the universal holography.

The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomic design is eternally in synchronomic motion – a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy…but a fractally constructing self-referencing ocean of possibilities. The coming alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate to this holistic continuum.

It is our Sun’s symbiotic relationship with the planets within its heliocentric embrace which orchestrates the synchronomic forces of manifestation, its light-informing transmissions pulsing through the holography of the true matrix…its geometry rendering all things simultaneously one and different. The phenomenal aspect of this imminent solstice portal is the transmission of the full spectrum Source Code embedded in the light of our Sun and its ability to initiate the transformation of consciousness.

The momentum which has culminated in the formation of this portal has been building through the interference patterns of the intricate holonomic weave of co-creative spheres of light information that forms the infrastructure of the galactic holography. This great cycle of cosmic tantric friction will not culminate in a day…an hour…a minute…but in a moment, in an eternal instant between expansion and contraction, between past and future…a portal into the immortal continuum. In a timeless heartbeat, the Sun will communicate a seed-code which will ultimately collapse the synthetic mutant matrix that generates the false temporal zone of this fear-based reality. This process will be activated and escalated via the resurrection and full function of Human bio-circuitry. In an instant of absolute synchronomic alliance, the window opens as the photonic seed-code embraces the electromagnetic field of every living entity into a vortex, a conduit to the Heart of Creation, bestowing, in a moment, a calibration to the eternal constant, the immortal continuum…stimulating within the cerebral cortex the memory of the true Human prior to genetic modification.

Our Sun, by virtue of its position within the universal holography, now takes centre stage within the galaxy. It is reaching a state of total cognition as it deciphers the confluent fields of coherent cosmic codes rippling through its labyrinth of crystalline lenses, its solar flares the exultant response to the acceleration of Source Awareness projected as primordial data from the galactic core. On the December Solstice, Earth will align with our Sun to enter an absolute convergence with galactic centre and the Heart of the Cosmos. Through the apex of this alignment the full spectrum of the Divine Directive will be communicated to Earth…a transmission which will break through the phase-lock created by the distorted warp of Earth’s noosphere, overriding all system inhibitors to contact all sentient beings and create a new point of experiential reference within their DNA. This experience will translate as a seed-code, a photonic viral intelligence, which will utilize the Human computational circuitry system to begin to collapse the mutant matrix, setting in place a resonant transformative system which is sustained by the holonomy of the universe.

The extent to which units of Human bio-circuitry are functioning as delivery systems for electromagnetic data-flow dictates their capacity to reach primordial soul resonance with Source Consciousness, translated by our Sun, to decipher and integrate the seed-code transmitted through the solstice portal. Through the continual development of this individual and collective process, not only will an authentic point of reference within the Human perception of space/time be activated, but planetary re-entry into the true galactic holography will ultimately be actualized. The overriding integrity of the rising Sun of the Solstice will command resonance with the full spectrum frequency of the Maha Tantra of Creation. As we gradually and harmoniously decipher its luminous message, nature will become our temple and light our faith. Electromagnetically breaking our deal with death, we will embody a new paradigm. The reintegration of the geomagnetic data-flow of Solar Consciousness will be synthesised as an energetic co-ordinance within our physical presence as we become the portal through which Divine Consciousness flows.

The emergence of the geometric and sonic codes which are intrinsic to the alchemy of the Template ceremonies are timely, consistent with and entirely relevant to the opportunity offered in this time of transformation. Functioning on the laws of resonant harmonics, The Template is a holonomic model of transcendence, a process through which the individual unit of bio-circuitry is resurrected: a system that recognises and is aligned with the higher physics of creation which reveals the unified field to be a holonomic tantric cohesion of Source Consciousness, fractally constructed in the language of light…the language of sacred geometry.

The Template ceremonies activate the light body matrix that is the true Human template.

Much love to you all,
Juliet & Jiva

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4 Responses

  1. Valee More says:

    How do you view the Reiki initiation in relation to light activation?

  2. Nash Spain says:

    Hello Juliet and Jiva,
    I cannot find the words to describe my immediate thanks and appreciation for your discourses except to say you guys are simply well up my street. That everything you are putting out in terms of vital information, structure and content resonates with me completely. It just sits very well with my soul as I read your materials. Hopefully, you have some sort of a group in which one can join to meet other like minded souls on their journey.

  3. Joseph says:

    Namaste Juliet and Jiva,
    Love is at the center of this teaching and it made me happy that I came across your website to experience this awakening of humankind’s minds to the holonomic geometry. It was a refreshing dissertation and I look forward to more of your instruction.
    Aham Brahmasmi!