The Template Ceremonies – Not Just a Workshop

Posted: Jan 24 2012

Cosmic fractalGreetings to all who attended the Glastonbury ceremonies. It was a pleasure to work with such a brilliant group and to feel so much warmth and appreciation. Many have written beautiful letters of their response to their Template experience and we will, eventually, reply to you all!

On the first day of the Glastonbury workshops several people who had already experienced 3 to 4 ceremonies with other ambassadors asked how they could better deal with the integration process initiated by the reconnection of their circuitry. When the weekend was over several others commented on the intensity of what they were going through.

Many participants are astounded at the power of the work. Most people are used to coming away from weekend workshops filled with inspiration and a sense of support from having shared time and space with like-minded kindred spirits. With valuable information in regard to global deceptions and the nature of reality, they are armed with a list of what they want to change about themselves and disciplines on how to do so. Monday morning hits, and they set about trying to maintain a new sense of self and way of being whilst energetically plugged into the fear-based morphic field, bombarded by the psycho-social, chemical, political, economic and religious programs designed to manipulate consciousness. The negative re-enforcement of the mutant matrix endlessly transmitting the inevitability of death and the crippling ‘cost of living’ ensures they backslide into the spell of a mortal trance. The insidious tide of compromise creeps into their decision-making process as they subside into the dis-ease of their conditioning, sometimes, in a state of desperation, reaching for the disempowering promises of salvation offered by ‘alternative’ religions. What they are battling is not their own shame and guilt based sense of self: it is not their ‘karma’ to suffer. They are battling the consensus, the morphic field of a fear-based paradigm that stimulates the concept of original sin, a powerful component within the disempowering god/savior program. They are battling the ratio of brain chemicals that have established their resonance to the stimulus/response patterns of the mutant matrix. This modified brain chemistry is being manufactured by an endocrine system that is in atrophy, due to the disconnection of the circuitry that unites this, and all the fractal systems of the Human hologram, with the endless life-giving data-feed of the eternal continuum.

However, the Template workshops are not just workshops. The Template is not something that is happening to you, it is you becoming you, embodying the fullness of the Human template prior to our genetic modification. It is an event that alchemically converts what you know into who you are. The difference is circuitry, as explained in chapter 5 of Worldbridger:

‘When a deep-seated pattern of behaviour is disowned it clings to the rut where it has been stuck for so long, more often than not re-establishing its dominance over emotional and mental intentions. When an overriding behavioural reference is established tangibly in the body as an electromagnetic field of holistic (Source) intelligence, the transformation of emotional, mental and chemical addictions is not only facilitated and accelerated, but also rendered sustainable. Resonant support is constantly available. This is what occurs when a circuit is reconnected.’

When your circuits are shown to be energized after the alchemical ceremonies, we are testing the only system that it is possible to measure, the physical. This system is a fractal energy system of the Human hologram. When it displays a measurable change, that shift is occurring on every level of the hologram. The power that returns to your circuits/meridians is the energetic nature of the Source Code.

Chapter 5 goes on to explain:

‘The holistic data delivered by the circuitry system is initially a density of undifferentiated potential of Source Consciousness. It is translated in accordance with the optimum requirements of the emotional, mental and physical functions of the specific centres it feeds, using as its template the original Human blueprint prior to its genetic modification. The full spectrum of its potency is not immediately realized, but is integrated and synthesized according to individual capability.’

This reintegrated Source intelligence does not begin and end around your body but unites your computational field of awareness with the hyper co-operative, interactive energy mechanisms that establish the implicate order of the universal matrix of creation. As just one fractal of the Fire Ceremony code states, ‘I am not only this, I am the Universe’. This is the resonant frequency of the divine immortal blueprint, translated into a sonic code and utilized alchemically to resurrect the counter- resonant aspect of your true identity and the circuit that delivers its Source Code, in this case, the fire circuit in the perineum. This circuit confronts death electromagnetically, awakening the fearless self, ultimately dispelling the hypnotic obedience and the burden of existential fear that makes Humanity so easy to control.

The ‘Monday morning syndrome’ finds the Template initiate returning to pre-existing situations and relationships and trying to maintain their ego-referenced stimulus-response patterns of old emotional infrastructures that no longer resonate, not only with what they have intellectually learned, but also with a phenomenal and tangible recalibration of their energy field and a very real re-association with the true space-time continuum. This predicament inescapably leads to the need to cleanse, to let go of the addictive patterns that set up confliction between the identity as a projected persona shaped by the rigors of surviving in the mutant matrix, and the true self. This cleanse has already been set in motion by the reconnection of circuitry. The Ceremony is an infinitely potent contract you have entered into with your self. When you behave in ways contrary to your contract, when you compromise your response-ability, you become internally conflicted. This state of confliction can surface in various ways on various levels of your consciousness. Resolution requires surrender. However, the surrender is made only to your self. This can be a dizzying fast track to self-realization, but one that can be enjoyed if you know what’s happening. Several attendees from the Glastonbury event have let us know how much they have appreciated the ride!

These connections are initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic mutant matrix. This electromagnetic disassociation initiates an emotional and mental disenchantment with the predominant ideology of prejudice and separation, creating a sense of isolation as there becomes less and less to relate to in this reality. Heightened awareness and appreciation for the love and unity that truly defines the original Human state simultaneously renders you more aware and emotionally sensitive to the raw brutality that is evident everywhere. There are times when this can be overwhelming, particularly for those who do not know or understand what they are experiencing.

As stated above, the energetic gift offered by each circuit is synthesized according to individual capabilities. The more conscious and aware you are of your own process the smoother and more comprehensive will be your ability to integrate its gifts. We have spent years of time, energy, skill and complete commitment in creating books, CDs and DVDs to assist you to understand the workings of your own Human masterpiece, the conditions that have led to its modified function and the future potential of what it can create. They will help you!

All 33 circuits and the all encompassing Worldbridger Master Circuit redefine your core identity as a fractal aspect of one unified body of divine Consciousness. Each circuit is endlessly downloading Source data into your field with every breath. Staying aware and conscious of being energetically connected to the holistic matrix of creation provides a nurturing and sustaining touchstone, creating, within the chaos that grips our world, a place of peace in which to remind yourself ‘I am a conscious conduit of life eternal’…a sonic code that is a harmonic fractal of your divine immortal identity, an octave that is expressed by the geometry of the Ceremony of Sacred Breath.

Another fractal of the Fire Code states: ‘Never was there a time when I did not exist, never will there come a time when I cease to be’. You do not leave the Template workshop with this statement merely as an intellectually adopted philosophical concept, but as an embodied electromagnetic frequency that will stimulate the cerebral cortex and override the reptilian brain, reducing fear and adrenal toxicity.

Again the Fire Circuit Source Code states ‘I die only to the reality of duality … and this I do consciously in every moment, reborn simultaneously in my body of radiant light’. When you say this, you will find that you become aware of your breath, suddenly breathing deeply and feeling its energizing ability more acutely. Through conscious breathing, the flow of the energetic nature of Source Intelligence delivered by the circuitry can be tuned into, accelerated and integrated.

Page 172 of the Template Workbook, ‘Breath, The Worldbridger’, states:

‘In the Soul Covenant, embedded within the Human Matrix, is a holonomic symbiotic code in which Human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension as Earth is the sensory organ for Human ascension. The catalytic component that crystallizes the alchemy of this divine union is light. Light is assimilated through prana. Prana is assimilated through breath. Through this co-creative interaction the hologram reveals itself, as breath weaves the matrix into coherence. Prana is the life-directive made accessible to the Human hologram through molecular resonance. With each breath we step into the wheel of eternal existence, sharing the One eternal breath that is shared by every living thing on every planet, in every solar system, in every galaxy of every universe. Your breath escorts you into the churning mandalas of co-creative, interactive fractals that compose the holographic template of all manifest existence…you are not only you, you are the universe. Each breath affects the whole because you are the whole. You are the Source.’

Most of the positive and ecstatic feedback we have received has been from those who have taken the time to understand what the Template is and what they are experiencing. Some have listened several times to the CDs so that the language has become theirs. Those who are unwilling to accept that the language is accessible to them with a little effort are missing something vital. Several years ago Louis Hunt interviewed me on Bay FM Radio in Byron Bay. She was concerned that people had asked me to change the language I used. She felt it was the responsibility of the reader to stretch their ability to understand. This is from the transcript of that interview:

‘I have to say it’s very unusual writing. First of all, it’s hard for me to believe that you wrote this book because this writing… I used to be a high school English teacher, so I tune into writing… the writing in this book is so pure and straight, lucid, comprehensive, but at the same time it’s not easy to read unless the reader is really dedicated. The mind has to be so still and go so deep through all the analytical layers of understanding in order to get there. You know what your book reminds me of? You know those books of 3 dimensional pictures? And you look at it and then you have to go very still and you have to surrender your gaze and then you find out what’s under the illusion. That’s what I experienced with your book.’

There are plans to record Worldbridger as an audio book. Any help with this will be much appreciated.

Regardless of how much of the function of the Template you have taken in, you have consciously made the decision to experience it. We congratulate you. It is a bold and courageous act to decide to awaken to the implications of the global predicament and to meet the true self within it. This is 2012, the time for a transformation in consciousness: the awakening. When a limb falls asleep, before it regains feeling you experience an uncomfortable transitional phase of ‘pins and needles’. We are spontaneously dying to the reality of duality and being reborn. We are worldbridgers. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this journey the best thing to do is take action, take part. As Einstein said, ‘a life lived in service to others is a life worth living’.

Several people from the Glastonbury workshops have already started to act as Template Emissaries. They are not only constantly exposing themselves to the Original Innocence DVD, CDs and the Phi Sonic Resonance but are offering a viewing of the Ceremony to their families, friends and communities. They are taking great joy in watching this gift blossom in others and knowing they are taking part in their transformation. In doing so they are accelerating their own process and becoming more conscious of the whole model and the bigger picture. This is the decentralization of the Template potential that needs to happen and is the reason we are putting it all on film. Critical mass is essential.

Page 41 in the Template Workbook, ‘The Quantum Leap’, states:

‘In order to achieve and stabilize the quantum leap into the immortal paradigm, a planetary resonant field of stable frequency is required, a frequency that is created and stabilized by a numerical mass of resurrected units of bio-circuitry translating and transmitting the full spectrum of the creative directive emanating from Source, providing new archetypal reference points in the collective neural membrane that is the morphogenetic field, breaking the spell of the mortal trance and reconnecting the planetary bio-sphere to the immortal continuum.’

It has been and continues to be an amazing thing to have the first ceremony on DVD to simply hand to anyone we come across who wants and needs to connect those potent first 12 circuits. Having returned to Bali we are now working on the second DVD. We have tried to get the Original Innocence Ceremony on Youtube but have come up against a block due to its length. Because of this we are forced to put it up element by element. It should be posted on Youtube any day now.

I received a note from a great friend who mentioned she was maintaining her sanity by reading the booklet that comes with the Original innocence DVD. This booklet is downloadable from the website. Please network everything you can, including this newsletter!

We hope to see some of you again at the next workshop. Until then please send us details on what you are doing with the Template material or stories of how your transformation is unfolding as we would like to post them on the web.

Much love to you all,

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4 Responses

  1. Carol Fernandez says:

    I offer gratitude and appreciation for your work. I was shown your video of Original Innocence on Vimeo a week after asking for help with self forgiveness, realising that I am stuck in shame and guilt. I had Also decided I no longer believed in suffering, felt there must be another way. I have only been spiritually awake 3 years, it was sudden and dramatic and I rapidly went into the dark night. I am training to be a healer, am a healer really and healing myself has felt like I was being punished! I am discerning, no not really believe in fast fixes, but the video felt good.I had already found information suggestive that our DNA had been altered, so this was not a surprise. One week after I first saw it, I noticed I had stopped beating myself up for agreeing to/requiring a tough incarnation … ‘I must have been very bad’ etc, etc. and was able to see how brave I am to have overcome much and be able to reach to the light and believe in compassion. My healing feels more profound, from a deeper level.
    I watch the video almost daily and share it, but others are not necessarily ready and do not understand. It is beautiful.
    Gratitude and love, Carol

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Carol,

      You have re-instated the 12 circuits of the original Human blueprint which is the solid foundation from which to heal and reclaim your sovereign Self. The shift from victimhood and self blame and the blaming of others is what we expect from the first ceremony- as well as many other graceful, easy and healing shifts, especially regarding the reclaiming of your own power- and a huge reduction of fear, anxiety and that old bogey, shame. These shifts are permanent and you will find your inner security and the sense of your glorious Human self will deepen over the weeks.

      Thank you for posting this. We love to hear that the C1 is doing its job.

      Jennifer of TTT UK

  2. richard sciuk says:

    i’m looking for help in the pages dealing with the ‘difficult’ integration period following the ceremonies…thank you

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Richard,

      You will have had the July Newsletter by now and it will be posted on News soon anyway, along with the others.