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Posted: Apr 24 2012

wall papers-sunGreetings to the 2012 Melati group….what a brilliant group you were! We appreciated your ability to flow from the heady information-based aspects of the day into the embrace of alchemical ceremony, seamlessly and with such appreciation. With each passing day your ability to surrender into magnetic depths of meditation with the geometry was inspirational.

It was a privilege to work with you and we acknowledge the long journeys made from England, Wales, India, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Great to work again with members of the island community both western and native, and we urge you to spread the news for the Intensive here in January of next year.

With the release of the first DVD, Template attendees are getting a better handle on the significance and consequences of this process and are feeling the connection between the activation of their circuitry and their ability to surf the wave of this 2012 energy. We recently sent you the Glastonbury newsletter that focused on answering feedback from those who were experiencing disruption and distress initiated by the reconnection of circuitry. Since then there has been a similar wave of feedback from your group and from other participants in Australia and the UK.

We also received letters from those who were able to recognize their process of incorporating higher states of awareness and expressed their transformation in inspirational e-mails that we have posted on the website. Reading them may help you to recognize what you are going through. Those who understand their process and are responding to the need to clear, expand and move forward are surfing the Template wave with less difficulty. Even when they come across turbulence they can recognize it for what it is and celebrate the signs of their transition.

You need to ask yourself “what am I integrating?” It is easier to assimilate something when you understand what you have set in motion within yourself. To be able to frame that process within the bigger picture of the true historical and astrological age we are awakening within will ground you and put you in the pilot seat.

There are various adjustments that can be made to accommodate the transformations that are taking place. You may be surprised by the power that adjustments and alignments on the physical body can have on your ability to ride this wave. It’s about maintaining a state of clarity and fluidity, surrendering to the flow of your own inner knowledge, seeing the patterns that are tying into the mutant matrix in order to recognize ways to liberate yourself. This state requires a good understanding and appreciation of what you have engaged in and whether you are prepared to commit to the full extent of what that requires.

As I began to write this newsletter I realized there needed to be a comprehensive booklet that would help Template people and those who are considering experiencing the model to better access and harmonize with this transformational opportunity. I also realized that this booklet would accompany the next DVD of Activation and Integration of the 13th Circuit, and the Ceremony of Sacred Breath. The second DVD and the process of integrating these circuits are relevant and energetically resonant with the influences of the celestial alignment that is reaching a zenith this year. The coming alignment has been generating a considerable transformative opportunity for some time. Our challenge is to resurrect our ability to function as complete units of bio-circuitry capable of translating and embodying the Source-code embedded in light and collectively generating a manifest reality established on the frequency of love; a paradigm that reflects the true Tantra of Creation rather than the mutant matrix that generates this dualistic fear-based reality. This is the fundamental function of the Template that was established 25 years ago, before we knew there was a Mayan Calendar and before the ‘Matrix’ films were released.

A support system structured locally by those who have been through the Template will not only create a space to study the model but also to share experiences and to simply transmit the frequencies of reconnection. You will find many experts among you to offer information on maintaining health through bodywork and diet, which will assist in the integration process. We have been proposing this form of support for some time but those who have experienced the Template are scattered around the globe. This situation is changing as the Template DVD is getting out there. 4,500 hits on Vimeo in 2 days! With the various social media support systems available it should also be easy to create cyber-support systems. Anyone who feels they have the time and passion to put in can create a study group.

As you all know we are at work on the next DVD. Already many are watching the first ceremony DVD as a daily meditation and it is helping them to accelerate their ability to understand and appreciate the Template and thus assist integration. We have a brilliant 3 man team working on the second DVD and we can already see how it is going to assist the understanding of the holonomic function of the Template model in ways that will allow you to see yourself and your development within the progression of the model.

Many are drawn to the Template because of what they have learned through the books and DVDs and have some sense of what to expect, others come because they have witnessed the changes their family and friends have gone through or they have simply been drawn through resonance with the vibe, and are not aware of the extent the impact that circuitry reconnection is going to have on them, or the implications of its underlying premise regarding the nature of ‘reality’ and the magnitude of the ultimate transformation of the Field. After all – it’s just a workshop…right? Just beautiful ceremonies.

Even though those who are drawn to the Template are progressive in their perspectives, some still hold a residual tendency to bow to the feet of a ‘logic’ that negates the shamanic power and alchemy of ceremony. The Western mind validates and measures these events according to the criteria that have been set by the culture. The governing structures of the Western world operate on the regulations of a ‘school taught’ sanity founded on a Newtonian Science that favours reason over resonance, the rational over the intuitive.

At an early point during the workshop an undeniable field of resonance is established between the group and the pure intelligence and integrity of the information they are receiving on various levels. As an Ambassador you can actually watch the participant shift into an altered state of awareness as their cellular memory is awakened through the stimulation of the original Human design stored as memory in the cerebral cortex. From the emails we receive we know that this also occurs from watching the DVD or reading Worldbridger. One of the most frequent comments we hear during the workshop is “I have been waiting for this my whole life!” What is happening is that the information regarding the higher physics of creation, the nature of a holistic paradigm, the events that have derailed it and the innate Human propensity to re-establish it, is already present in the cellular memory of the participant and is being reactivated. However, once they are re-entrained to the perceptions of the consensus they may lose faith in themselves. Amidst the seemingly incontrovertible reality of death and conflict generated by the mutant matrix, the actuality that the blueprint of their immortal nature is encoded into the informational field of our Sun once again seems unbelievable.

As was pointed out in the last newsletter, it is those who continue to re-establish their state of self-awareness and continue to invest themselves in the process of realignment, of walking the talk, translating their realizations into their daily life experience, accelerate their ability to integrate and transform. Whether this process is swift, easy, slow, difficult or even completely denied, the reconnections remain sustained. For some, the effect of the connections are put ‘on hold’ until they are able to cope with them. There are various ways that the integration process is triggered or accelerated: redoing ceremonies, gathering with other Template attendees, achieving Theta states or exposing yourself to Template information via books, CDs and DVDs. The most instant and powerful way to instigate or regulate your integration is via the Phi Sonic DVD. For an explanation as to why this works so well read the booklet that comes with it. (You can download that for free here.)

It is the discrepancy between the emotional, mental and energetic shifts experienced through the acceleration of electromagnetic input and your inability to translate this into your daily life experience that can create the sense of disorientation after the ceremonies. Some do not recognize that the energetic contracts to which they have ceremonially committed become an aspect of who they are.

The conflict is a frictional dynamic between what you have physically embodied as a circuit of energetic information and that which you are not accommodating intellectually and emotionally. Subsequently you can negate, through opposing actions, your own inner truth and integrity. This is happening to all of us all the time, to varying degrees, as the paradigm we inhabit requires an endless list of daily compromises (petrochemical consumption being a big one). However, when you have connected a circuit which is the delivery system for the energetic nature of the Source Code, its persistent contribution of this holistic consciousness is feeding into every level of your Human hologram. To continue indulging in gross addictions that dynamically apposes this incoming data triggers an internal conflict. There are those who will persistently reaffirm their right and their need to continue old behaviour patterns, overriding, through intellectual bargaining, their computational system’s insistence on an upgrade.

There are some addictions that have a more profound effect on our ability to re-embrace our fields of awareness into the all-encompassing Matrix of Creation that is the holistic space/time continuum. The 6-day intensive is intense! It’s difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of information. The alchemical ceremonies can leave you in a state of euphoria that can affect your ability to concentrate on information. Also, the drive to hold on to addictive perceptions can make the mind selective about what it is willing to hear – and even some of the most basic concepts that are constantly reiterated throughout each day, and which are intrinsic to understanding the deep manipulation of Human consciousness are completely overlooked! These programs are engrained so deeply into the function of the mutant mortal matrix that clinging to them can considerably deny your ability to resonate with the Light Code.

Occasionally, after the Intensive has been completed, Ambassadors are invited by attendees to ‘full moon Kirtans(celebrations). In the Source Ceremony, you have reconnected 5 double terminated circuits of electromagnetic information into the core of your being which re-establishes the primordial energetic nature of the Tantra of Creation as the benefactor of your existence, rather than the monotheistic, anthropomorphic god-impersonators. After this re-empowerment within the deepest core of your identity, should you then engage in a religious ritual of worship that requires you, through the powerful medium of your own sound vibration, to devote your primordial sense of existence to religiously fabricated icons of salvation, voluntarily offering for harvest the life force that flows through the portal of your being from the Benevolent Heart of Creation? Obviously, you will create inner conflict. Your archetypal points of reference within space and time are not only intellectually and emotionally sabotaged, but your actual flow of electromagnetic Source Consciousness is energetically opposed, thus creating the alienation of your energy field from the true holistic continuum. This is what all religions have been designed to do.

It makes a perfect kind of insane sense that you would choose to enter into this form of ‘worship’ under the dead light of a massive magnetic body of influence that is a considerable force behind the conflict and mortality of this paradigm, and, ironically, contributes to the manipulation of Human consciousness perpetrated by religion.

By experiencing the first ceremony you have taken part in a powerful and profound shamanic alchemical event that reconnects a circuit in your perineum that confronts death electromagnetically and pledges your protection to this planet and all her living creatures. In consecutive ceremonies you connect further circuits as a result of your ceremonial acknowledgement that the natural order of cosmic consciousness, and thus the true Human design, is endless and eternal. What you have not only vowed, but also embodied, as an electromagnetic feed into the heart of the Cosmos, is a template of immortality. To then continue to consume flesh is going to undermine your subconscious ability to integrate what you know with who you are. Engaging with belief systems that have ‘gods’ at their core and powerful icons that stabilize concepts of supremacy over all of creation, and engaging in the cycle of death that is inherent in the consumption of flesh is counterproductive to this process of disassembling mortal programs.

‘Whosoever eats of slain flesh eats of the body of death. Essene Gospel of Peace.

These are not do’s and don’ts…this is about co-operating with yourself and living the talk… integrating.

The workshops, books, CDs and DVDs are all structured to inform you of the holistic nature of the Template model. It is, essentially, a process of re-alignment. It begins with the recognition that the governing programs of this mutant paradigm, whether political, economic, chemical, educational, psycho-social or religious, are functioning in a modified frequency zone that generates a virtual perversion of reality which excludes various fractals of the geometric hologram of Monadic Consciousness, rather than encompassing the full spectrum of the creation harmonic of light. The Template then outlines, through the application of the shamanic propensities of the higher physics of creation, the process of resurrecting the blueprint that will re-establish the original Human design prior to our genetic modification. For it is the mutant state of the gene code that forms the fulcrum point through which the perverted paradigm is being collectively generated.

Once you begin to identify the needless, endless conflict at the core of this planet’s history, and you overlay this cognizance on any situation or event you encounter, you begin to detect the deviant matrix programme of systemic failure that leads to entropy; a programme that instigates ecocidal devastation and, ultimately, extinction. To see one they prepared earlier, check out Mars.

The processes you undergo after the Template may not be what you are expecting as you draw comparisons with healing modalities that you are used to. The Template will not address your desires to make this reality work for you. It will empower you to function within it in a state of awareness that will allow you to recognize options that put you in the most empowered position to respond to and resolve your reasons for deciding to become conscious here, now – to be born into a slave race on prison planet – and to become a part of the solution.

You may have noticed that we refer to the Template as a ‘holonomic model of transcendence’. As such it is not a modality which attempts to heal an isolated aspect of Human experience within this paradigm. A sustainable solution will not be found at the level at which the problem is manifesting. We are not looking for solutions that address the manifestation of Humanity’s obsession with and addiction to conflict and lethal technology but are concerned with the core wounds that have made this predicament possible. There is nothing to suggest that the malignancy of this corruption will cease to instigate brutal agendas for Human subjugation. We are presenting a solution that will affect the fulcrum point at which this lunacy is being generated; a solution that recognizes the extent and the source of the problem.

Most people who are drawn to experience the Template know on some level that they are not simply searching for easement and comfort from the pain and suffering of being Human in this dualistic paradigm, to make the mutant psycho-social structures somehow work for them so that they can live out their ‘sentence’ with some semblance of ‘happiness’, in denial of the daily tragedies that plague the world beyond their domestic sense of normality. The effect of ‘dirty electricity’ on the energy field of any living organism has a considerable negative effect on its consciousness and physical performance. There is no doubt that the genius inventions of maverick engineers who are designing and building cleaner alternative energy systems will provide a solution that will ease the suffering of 3rd world countries on an elemental level that will save many lives and will have an impact on the healing of this Earth. In their desire to honour the holistic nature of creation, these scientists have come to understand the mechanisms of a higher physics and through their study of a deep ecology have arrived at the understanding that their inventions are a transitional phase, as we come to realize that we are the technology we have been waiting for.

The solution is not simply to be found in healthy lifestyle choices, no peace is to be realized in a reality governed by those who sanction torture. In this year of 2012, genocide continues to be perpetrated without the intervention of a so-called civilized global community that considers itself to be on an impressive path of evolution measured by better technology and more pharmaceutical cures for diseases created by pharmaceutical cures. While in Uganda 450,000 children have been brutally slaughtered, a number that continues to rise as you read this. Should a sustainable energy source become available it is entirely possible that it will be used to supply the electric current being used to torture a Human being or end the life of a cow in an abattoir. There is a difference between a solution and a better problem.

The integration process you are experiencing is hyper-holistic or holonomic. What does that mean? It means you are processing your sense of self as it emerges from the fountainhead of your incarnation within this paradigm, as a fractal aspect of the morphic field of global consciousness; awakening to the full implications of the reality in which you have chosen to become conscious. It may be that you have already been exposed to the revelations being presented by those who are dedicating their lives to informing the public of the many deceptions that control Human consciousness. The reconnection of circuitry takes this cognizance to another level as you feel your connectedness to the suffering of all Humanity.

However, the circuitry which has initiated this state is simultaneously embracing your field into the Divine Immortal Continuum and is endlessly downloading the energetic data that defines you as unborn, eternal and everlasting. Never was there a time when you did not exist, never will there come a time when you cease to be. As the cellular memory of your true identity and the holistic paradigm in which you were originally designed to be symbiotically engaged is activated in your ‘temple of remembrance’, the cerebral cortex, the overstimulation of the reptilian brain and the resultant state of adrenal toxicity is reduced. There is nothing to fear.

The healing takes the form of a recalibration, a re-alignment with the true matrix and the eternal sovereign soul identity that defines you beyond the genetic modification of your blueprint. As the insanity rages around you, you can feel yourself in the world, but not of it. Turbulence is experienced superficially. At the centre of the storm your core self is in divine equipoise. This state is not arrived at so you that can disengage into what Gurdjieff called “the selfishness of monks” and look down upon the suffering of Humanity with impunity, but to exist in a state of grace and compassion that gives you the courage and the energy to do something about it.

The need for a new paradigm is not fully recognized, accepted and acted upon until the corruption of all aspects of the existing model are perceived, and the true nature, extent and consequences of the crisis are understood. This is the reason we include within the presentation of the Template a considerable amount of information in regards to the critical level the present global situation has reached, much to the anger of the ‘rainbow fascists’, the ‘positive police’ and New-Agers. If you are in any doubt about the degenerate state of the problem watch ‘The Bang Bang Club,’ ‘The Machine Gun Preacher’, ‘The Land of Blood and Honey’ and any film on Darfur. It is not easy to watch this stuff but it’s a hell of a lot easier than suffering through it. It will not only inform you of the extent of the problem but also put your process in perspective and inspire you to be the solution.

Considering that the individual process of realignment initiated in this historical time of transformation is proportional to the extent of manipulation and false indoctrination that the Human race has been undergoing for time out of Human memory, you are doing really well and should congratulate yourself for taking the Red Pill. As you awaken to the full extent of the crisis you will begin to appreciate the absolute necessity to affect the fountainhead at which the matrix is generated.

Depicted in the films mentioned above are levels of behaviour that defy rationalisation in Human terms, and yet there are points of reference within the collective morphic field that allow for these atrocities to take place. This indicates a level of corruption that stems from a more abysmal source than politics or economics: it points to the manipulation of Human DNA. Those involved in the making of these DVDs are desperately trying to inform the privileged community of the Western world that their perception of the global crisis reaches deeper than they might imagine. The instruments of this genocidal slaughter are themselves the victims of fractal floating gene codes within their DNA that are activating embedded commands as the genetic experiment continues. It is a miscalculation to consider what is happening in Africa to be occurring in isolation from your reality. There is a systematic genocidal agenda to occupy and control a verdant, rich, beautiful and powerful continent just a plane ride away from you. It is an aspect of the crisis we all face.

Annually, the Solstices and Equinoxes mark opportunities to undergo a shamanic passage initiated by the completion of a phase that requires us to resolve residual inner conflict and to face our fears as we prepare to recalibrate and harmonize with the celestial rhythms of a new cycle, a rebirth. As this Baktun comes to a close, a grand cycle is culminating and we are facing an archetypal cleanse that spans the history of our existence, as our so-called ‘evolution’ has been dictated by governing archetypal influences which have been inserted into this reality to maintain our internalized programmes of entropy and the need for salvation. At this astronomical convergence it is essential to recognise the mental, emotional and physical manipulation that has resulted from the derailment of our symbiotic evolutionary relationship with the Source of our Creation and to engage in processes that will assist us to resurrect the original Human blueprint prior to our genetic modification.

This is not to be achieved simply by intellectually recognizing the necessity to do so. During the workshop we spoke of the report from the shamans of South America that processes were more relevant than the prophecies which herald the 2012 December solstice. This date of culmination is not an end in itself, but a cosmic recalibration that offers an initial portal of opportunity, which, once aligned with, will offer further levels of conscious transformation. It is an event that is governed by codes and counter-resonant response codes. In this alchemical adventure of cosmic proportions the codes have been accumulating for a full galactic season. The sacred wedding of the Sun and the Earth, a courtship of thousands of sunsets and sunrises, has established an ever-tightening spiral of tantric friction to open the portal of time and offer a window of opportunity.

It is not by chance that the Template model of transcendence has been revealed at this time, a model that is calibrated to the holography of the Universe and the prime animating forces of creation, and as such, instigates a process of reintegration with a holistic space/time continuum. This process is not only a mental exercise intellectually redirected by a calendar. The new paradigm will not spring from the mind… it will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and made tangible in the body. It is a physical recalibration with the true space/time continuum through the reconnection of the bio-circuits that re-implicate the Human field into the Solar, Galactic and Universal holography.

This coming alignment is all about the Sun. Our Sun is the ultimate form of holistic Consciousness, not only an emissary of light for the Benevolence of Creation but a living constant of its complete Presence, a centrifugal crystalline generator that receives, translates and transmits the hyper-coded Divine Covenant into usable data, a light code dynamic, for our solar system. The Sun is the gateway to the heart of the cosmic hologram. Our ability to commune with Divine Consciousness flows through our understanding of cosmic order. In the Temple of Time Ceremony, 8 circuits of electromagnetic download re-instate the geomagnetic flow of planetary consciousness as an energetic co-ordinance within the Human heart/body/mind system, restoring the astrological imprints of living planetary archetypes as iconic points of reference within our perception of space/time. This is intrinsic to our ability to integrate and synthesize and embody the frequencies that align us with the portal.

The realization of an alternate reality does not require a transitional state of entropy but can be traversed through conscious realignment, an adjustment in brain chemistry that allows for a new resonance. Anyone who has taken a psycho-active substance knows this. Connect the circuits that feed the organs in the endocrine system that manufacture the neuro-chemicals and you have altered your brainwave resonance. The paradigm you become conscious in is in resonance with your altered brainwaves… Template surfing.

The Sun transmits the creation matrix of light, a Source code embedded with the integrity of the Benevolence of Creation that will intrinsically overwhelm and undermine the exploits of a parasitic invading consciousness, imprinting its irresistible Intelligence code into the DNA of an awakening Human race on a prison planet. The Sun speaks. The Earth listens. We are the manifestation of this conversation. The activation and integration of the geometric Soul Covenant embedded in the Human matrix is the animated cipher for the transcendence of Earth, as Earth is the sensory field for Human transcendence.

The shift we are going through requires our ability to directly assimilate the data from the Sun. Assimilation of this Intelligence as the prime animator of our full divine blueprint will not only enable us to see beyond the many deceptions that are and will be perpetrated to downgrade our vibrational resonance with this celestial opportunity, but the electromagnetic acceleration provided by the circuitry will enable us to resonate with the level of frequency this transformation of consciousness will demand. The reconnection of circuitry is a fundamental phase that ultimately renders the Human bio-computer user-friendly with the light code of our Sun.

This is an all or nothing time. Integrate or disintegrate – perhaps not molecularly, but via a downward spiral into the depths of a mutant paradigm in which to forget, obey, consume, be silent and die. We’ve done the aromatherapy, chakra balancing, crystal bowl healing, etheric implant removal, travelled to sacred sites to save or re-activate them, primally screamed about how pissed off we are, hugged Indian women and given everything we own to someone who has renounced materialism…and it has all led us to…ourselves…the man in the mirror. And there we see in our eyes the border between the infinite within and the infinite without …the quantum horizon upon which the focus of the projector can be adjusted to generate a new reality. You are the projector. Adjust, align, integrate. Take back your power.

Many people are only just awakening to the psycho-social, chemical, political, economic and religious manipulation of Human consciousness and discovering the endless catalogue of deceptions and abuses that Humanity is suffering. It is difficult to acknowledge that you have decided to become conscious on a prison planet riddled with atrocities as the end-game of an ancient experiment unfolds around you. It was your decision. You are not a victim.

Some experience a state of limbo as points of behavioral and emotional reference are no longer relevant in the awareness that unity is the superlative Human state. However, their sense of self within the Eternal Constant that reinforces their divine identity is not yet formed or stabilized. They are neither here nor there. Shallow dreams of happiness within a mutant paradigm are exposed as obsolete. This can leave some in a state of uncertainty about their jobs, their friends and their hopes for the future.

I get letters saying “I did the Template and I’m still not happy” or “I still can’t get all the stuff I want”. Happiness is for children and for those who are content with their ability to service the various requirements that enable them to maintain a precarious state of contradiction and ignorance that gives them a form of happiness by default, an ignorance that allows them to pass off the blatant global melt-down and the suffering of others as ‘karma’. That convenient revamp of the ‘original sin’ programme with an eastern twist, means you don’t have to consider the African child who witnesses the murder of his parents before he is conscripted into a war, because he is simply getting what he deserves. Or maybe he just needs a copy of ‘The Secret’.

The path you have chosen may seem, in the throes of what circuitry activation can put you through, as an intensive fast-tracking that has little concern for your comfort zones. And you have a point. Within the Melati group there were several who came in not realizing the extent to which the model would exact from them the necessity to walk away from dearly held icons of salvation. Nevertheless, on some level their resonance brought them to the group, and Jiva and I have deep respect for the way in which they integrated into the situation, each one of them sincerely open, in a state of empowerment, to their own inner knowing. This happened on day 4. Undoubtedly, the previous ceremonies and the support of circuitry assisted them to resonate with the need for this release. However, some take longer to flow into that position.

So has the Template initiated an endless state of raw vulnerable susceptibility to the insanity and brutality of this world? Far from it. (Check out the letters we receive in Testimonials on the Template Website). An aspect of the awakening state generates intermittent rushes of bliss and ecstasy that leaves happiness in the dust. You no longer judge the sound and fury of the play unfolding around you in terms of good or bad, positive or negative, and begin to see the beauty within the tragedy. The superficial appeasement of ego-based desires are replaced by an authentic emotional response that comes from knowing that we are rousing from a dark sleep of ages into the light. A divine equipoise is gained from the knowledge that you are the solution, as you awaken within the mutant matrix and know that you are not of it, gaining the emotional courage of a spiritual warrior rather than a worrier. You have embodied the knowledge that you are unborn, eternal and everlasting: what’s the worst that can happen? As you give and receive love in all that you do and deal with the deprogramme/reprogramme situation with courage and commitment, you do this for yourself and for all Humanity.

From my own experience nothing helps you through those bumpy bits better than engaging in conscious breathing, acknowledging that each breath is a bridge to consciousness, each breath holds the potential of complete experience of the entire holography of the Universe, each breath holds the full promise of liberation from a mutant paradigm, each breath could be the one that opens the portal through which you may once again experience any time or energy level in the Universe and simple become what you were designed to be… a worldbridger.

It is an on-going progression of realizing, forgiving, clearing and realigning, finding a space in which to breathe and to enjoy the bliss of achieving a measure of empowerment as we choose love… and then starting the process all over again at another level. It is a process that is constantly supported by your circuitry and it not only gets easier but when you go with it and start feeling the integration of the light body it’s an awesome journey! Your circuitry provides an endless electromagnetic affirmation of your divine identity. To become aware of its nurturing dynamic, simply breathe consciously.

Your conscious mind may still cling to old concepts of affluence while your unborn, eternal, sovereign soul identity knows that your true understanding of abundance is encoded in a ray of light. You still strive for those things you think will make you ‘happy’, then without warning you find yourself caught in a cool breeze, staring at the tantric eloquence of a flower, under a waterfall, in awe of a mountain, looking into the eyes of your child – and you know ‘this is it’. This is abundance. This is god. I am this. The ecstasy of realization draws you into the embrace of the true continuum, your heart centre spins, endorphins swim in your blood.

If only this sensation, this love, could greet you with the rising Sun and the last hum of the setting song of day. It can. It will. It already has and is waiting for you.

Surfs up!
With love,

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5 Responses

  1. Josie Rudyk says:


    I would very much like to attend your ceremonies, however I am not able to fly out to one of them. Would be thrilled if you came out to northeast area of the United States – not in a major city, like NYC or Boston that would required cumbersome driving/parking. However outside the city would work well, so that we have ease of getting there and parking. Thank you. I feel blessed to know of your work.


    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Josie,

      Our USA ambassador (contact her through Events, USA on the website) will travel to do an Intensive of C1, 2, 3 and 4 if there is a group big enough to make it possible. A good way of getting a group together is to get the DVD and host viewings.You may like to check it out yourself – watch your changes over a few weeks first- and see if it does what we say it does! The first ceremony must be repeated in the group to check peoples’ 12 foundation circuits before the next ones but the repeat of the first ceremony is offered free.

      Jennifer of the Template Team, UK

  2. This is all very interesting but seems altogether too intellectual for me, though there are surely many who prefer a more intellectual approach to understanding what is going on just now in the spiritual fields. Myself, I prefer a more intuitive approach as I AM NOT SURE AT ALL THAT ANYONE knows what is about to transpire yet most aware people realize that change is int he air!! My son and daughter – in their 40ies – are embarrassed that their mother is so weird – even my husband thinks ‘ ah mr, there she goes again… ‘

    Nevertheless this work of yours is very interesting!

    NAMASTÉ, Agneta in Arvika, Sweden

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello Agneta of Sweden,

      Have you seen the actual ceremony, or the introduction- clip 1, 2 and 3 on our website? The Ceremony of Original Innocence which facilitates the reconnection of bio-circuitry is not ‘intellectual’ at all. It is an exquisitely beautiful confluence of sound, vision and spoken word. What we can’t show you as we can to ceremony participants in person is the weakness in the various disconnected circuits before the ceremony experience and the core strength after just one viewing, but the booklet is freely available to show you the test points and the specific geometry which connects them. We will soon have clip 4 of the intro, ‘Circuits’, on the website to be followed by the Vimeo of the actual ceremony which is circulating but not yet posted on our site as we need a little time to to contextualise it.

      It is well worth buying the pack of DVD/ 2CD/ booklet to watch in the comfort of your sitting room and to share with family and friends. Purchases make it possible for us to continue this work- and the quality is wonderful, which cannot be maintained on Youtube. It is only necessary to watch the ceremony once for permanent connection – but many people say they like to watch it as a meditation, again and again.

      ‘Weird mothers’ are usually the pathfinders tuned in more than most. Congratulations on being one!

      Jennifer of the Template Team, UK

  3. […] An individual’s tendency to indulge in activity that would inhibit the flow of energy instigated by this ceremony will undoubtedly inhibit its integration: see the last Newsletter, The Sun Speaks , also on News. […]