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Posted: Jun 11 2016

As we witness the acceleration of the deterioration of our environment, social, political and economic structures, it is beneficial to understand the evolutionary influences that are driving this age. By so doing we can consciously implicate ourselves within the phenomenal opportunity for transmutation that is available during this phase of culmination. It is the transitional phase of conception and deterioration […]

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Posted: Mar 17 2016

Communion with Divine Consciousness flows through our understanding of cosmic order. Our Sun is the ultimate form of holistic consciousness, the gateway to the heart of the cosmic hologram. Having now passed through the portal into a new era, our challenge is to translate and embody the source code embedded in light and to collectively generate a manifest reality established […]

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Posted: Jul 22 2013

Greetings to all from Bali, We would like to begin by thanking those who have contributed time, energy and funds to the organization of this year’s Template workshops in Australia, England, Hawaii and California, and to thank them in advance for the help they continue to give. I don’t get much of a chance to personally communicate with everyone in […]

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The 7th Ceremony

Posted: Sep 25 2012

Greetings to all who attended the ceremonies at Temple Byron.  Holding the first 7th ceremony was sublime. The group of 100 plus attendees was made up of those who had only days before begun the Template ceremonies, those who began it many years ago and those who dropped everything to travel great distances to be there with only a couple of weeks notice. Love and thanks to you all. […]

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